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Frame Debugger in Unity 5.0

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Have you ever looked at some graphics issue in Unity, and thought “if only I could see how the final frame is rendered, step-by-step?”. I know I do want that, all the time. You can achieve that with some external tools, especially if you’re on Windows. Build a standalone player, run it through Visual Studio [&hel... Read more

Unit testing at the speed of light with Unity Test...

by - 19 Comments

It’s time to tell a little bit more about NSubstitute library that ships with our Unity Test Tools... Read more

Mixing Sweet Beats in Unity 5.0

by - 28 Comments

One of the big areas of focus for Unity 5.0 has definitely been in audio. After a quiet period of fe... Read more

Assets that rock

by - 27 Comments

Sometimes, it’s hard to put a finger on what makes the Asset Store so special. Is it the relief that you feel when you find out that “t... Read more

Unity’s test automation team

by - 5 Comments

Hello everybody, my name is Elvis Alistar and I have been working with Unity for more than 2 years. I am responsible for leading the team of... Read more

Magical moments: What the Everyplay acquisition means for de...

by - 16 Comments

As a veteran of online, mobile and console games services I’ve become used to the idea of change; mostly from sitting on the sometimes... Read more

White Nights: breaking the conference rules in Russia

by - 4 Comments

White Nights is a marketing and networking (no, not the TCP/IP based :)) conference that takes place in the cultural capital of Russia: the ... Read more

High-performance physics in Unity 5

by - 108 Comments

We’d like to highlight some of the 3D physics changes you can look forward to in Unity 5.0. We’ve been using PhysX 2.8.3 for a while now... Read more

Metal, a new graphics API for iOS 8

by - 22 Comments

Exciting times for graphics on iOS 8! At its recent World Wide Developers Conference, Apple introduced Metal, a new graphics API that’s lo... Read more

VR Game Jam in Boston

by - 4 Comments

Over the last days of May and into early June, over 50 people from in and around the Boston game community gathered together for a VR game j... Read more

Building Better Documentation

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One of the hardest things about writing documentation as a developer is to step into the shoes of the user. When you know everything about a... Read more

Unity 4.6 – New UI World Space Canvas

by - 42 Comments

The second in a series of reveal videos of the new UI tools coming soon in Unity 4.6, this time we show you a quick overview of creating 3D ... Read more

Shiny new animation features in Unity 5.0

by - 59 Comments

The animation team has been working hard to pull together an impressive feature set for Unity 5.0. Here’s a quick overview of the new anim... Read more