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Global Illumination in Unity 5

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Unity 5 is receiving a major make-over in terms of graphical fidelity and lighting in particular. Unity has been limited to baked lightmaps since Unity 3.0, but since then a lot of progress has been made in the global illumination field. Now is the time to provide some of that goodness out-of-the box in Unity. One [&h... Read more

Great News for PlayStation Developers!

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(Edit: There have been a few questions about the Pro nature of these tools. To clarify, it is not ne... Read more

Getting Started as a Contributor to our Open-Sourc...

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Unity and Open-Source Last month at Unite, we announced our Open-Source initiative, where we will be... Read more

Unite 2014 Wrap Up

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Another Unite has come and gone and it was amazing! It’s always a great time for us to get out and meet so many of you and have you meet e... Read more

Documentation, Unity scripting languages and you

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Everybody has their favorite scripting language, and the use of different languages evolves over time. Historically, we have supported three... Read more

Should I do it myself, or use the Asset Store?

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“First of all, don’t start with the mentality “I have to do everything myself, I’m an indie”. Sometimes it’s good to learn. But ... Read more

Unity at Gamescom: the true community spirit

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Gamescom 2014 in Cologne was a 335000 visitor show with business and consumer areas. What area do you think Unity belongs to? Both actually!... Read more

And the winners are….

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The Unity game developer contest sponsored by Microsoft had you busy developing and porting games to Windows the past few months; we receive... Read more

Unity 4.5 for Samsung Smart TV

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Take your games to Samsung Smart TV Hooray! Today, we’re pleased to announce the public preview of Unity 4.5 for Samsung Smart TV, adding ... Read more

More Open-Source Initiatives from Unity

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Our community is full of users who rely on Unity — whether it be for work, for play, or both. Knowing that, we’ve been thinking abou... Read more

Building and Maintaining Value for Developers

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It’s hard to believe, but there’s less than a week left until Unite! We’re very excited to meet so many of you, and we’ll have more ... Read more

Are We Spellbound By Games – Asking Questions About Ha...

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The Greatest Magic Trick Once upon a time we all thought how charming it was when games had that elusive ‘addictive’ quality whi... Read more

Unity for Xbox One is here!

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Unity is excited to announce the public preview of Unity 4.3 for Xbox One. Unity has partnered with Microsoft to offer Unity for Xbox One co... Read more