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And the winners are….

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The Unity game developer contest sponsored by Microsoft had you busy developing and porting games to Windows the past few months; we received over 600 entries which is more than double what we received last year. We were blown away at how polished and fun the games were, which made judging super tough but we […]... Read more

Unity 4.5 for Samsung Smart TV

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Take your games to Samsung Smart TV Hooray! Today, we’re pleased to announce the public preview of... Read more

More Open-Source Initiatives from Unity

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Our community is full of users who rely on Unity — whether it be for work, for play, or both. ... Read more

Building and Maintaining Value for Developers

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It’s hard to believe, but there’s less than a week left until Unite! We’re very excited to meet so many of you, and we’ll have more ... Read more

Are We Spellbound By Games – Asking Questions About Ha...

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The Greatest Magic Trick Once upon a time we all thought how charming it was when games had that elusive ‘addictive’ quality whi... Read more

Unity for Xbox One is here!

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Unity is excited to announce the public preview of Unity 4.3 for Xbox One. Unity has partnered with Microsoft to offer Unity for Xbox One co... Read more

Introducing Universal Windows Applications in Unity

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We are pleased to announce the full support for Windows Phone 8.1 and Universal Windows Applications with the release of Unity 4.5.3. We’v... Read more

Multi Scene Editing

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Many exciting new features are coming as part of the Unity 5.x release cycle, but we are also making improvements to our existing features a... Read more

Frame Debugger in Unity 5.0

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Have you ever looked at some graphics issue in Unity, and thought “if only I could see how the final frame is rendered, step-by-step?”. ... Read more

Unit testing at the speed of light with Unity Test Tools

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It’s time to tell a little bit more about NSubstitute library that ships with our Unity Test Tools and patterns of it’s effective usage.... Read more

Mixing Sweet Beats in Unity 5.0

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One of the big areas of focus for Unity 5.0 has definitely been in audio. After a quiet period of feature development in this area, we have ... Read more

Assets that rock

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Sometimes, it’s hard to put a finger on what makes the Asset Store so special. Is it the relief that you feel when you find out that “t... Read more

Unity’s test automation team

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Hello everybody, my name is Elvis Alistar and I have been working with Unity for more than 2 years. I am responsible for leading the team of... Read more