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Intermediate rendering, or what goes into a feature

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We’ve got a feature we want to do — it’s something we call “intermediate mode render calls”. The idea is that ... Read more

One year ago today…

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…I was on a plane bound for Copenhagen, a city I’d never been to in order to start working with a bunch of people I’d neve... Read more

Days in London

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I’ll be in London from Monday morning through Thursday morning. Anyone want to meet up for coffee and tech-talk (or business-talk, tha... Read more

Vienna weekend

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We had a super lovely “full service” evening with some of the guys. I cooked dinner, and then cut Nicholas’ and ForestR... Read more

The case for MOR games.

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Today’s games industry has many strange and wonderful features. Its most distinguishing feature is the current dominance of technology... Read more

Unity bloggers unleashed!

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Greetings and welcome to the all new Unity Technologies blog! In the past there were a few of us here that had blogs and as individuals we o... Read more