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Interviews with the winners of our first Asset Store Contest

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This fall, the Asset Store ran its first asset contest in Korea. The contest sought out bipedal 3D model characters which fell into either t... Read more

Experience the Asset Store from your browser!

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We’re so pleased to announce the release of the Unity Asset Store’s new browser-based interface!  For the first time, you can n... Read more

Unity 3.5.7 is out!

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Good news for Unity 3.5 users – we just released version 3.5.7 with lots of fixes for Android, iOS and a few others. Download it here ... Read more

Learn Unity update #2

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Here at Unity we’ve been working hard on an entirely new area of the website to help you learn game development with Unity. We’v... Read more

How to Submit to the iOS App Store: A Unity Guide

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As many of you are creating great content for the Apple iOS App Store, we wanted to create a quick guide to show you how the submission proc... Read more

Three Ninja Camp VII projects at a glimpse

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Our longest running Ninja Camp wraps today. After the crunch of the Unity 4 release, our developers got  three weeks to jam on awesome new ... Read more

What’s next on Mecanim roadmap

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Hi everyone, After the excitement of the Unity 4 release and the creative blast of Ninja Camp, it’s time for another Mecanim update. Unity... Read more

Unity and Gambling

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Unity is a game engine. Right? We’ve always worked on one big goal: making Unity the best game technology in the world and making it a... Read more

Unity Serious Games Highlight Reel at I/ITSEC 2012

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Unity is used to create a lot of interactive software outside of the video game industry. Everything from architectural visualizations to mi... Read more

Iterative baking of Occlusion and NavMeshes

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A lot of cool stuff was developed during Ninja Camp VII. One of the projects targetted the baking of NavMeshes and Occlusion data. Wouldn... Read more

Testing your web player content against the latest Unity run...

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When we release new versions of Unity, we also update the Unity Web Player to contain the latest Unity runtime. This means that users who ne... Read more

Linux Publishing in Unity 4.0

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It’s Na’Tosha from Team Penguin Pushers here, and in case you missed the news, Unity 4.0 has been released — with a publis... Read more

A New Unity Office in Finland!

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Hei! Hello – my name is Petri Nordlund and I’m pleased to announce that Unity has opened a grand new office in Finland. We are l... Read more