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Mobile Hardware Statistics (and more)

by - 19 Comments

Short summary: Unity’s hardware stats page now has a “mobile” section. Which is exactly what it says, hardware statistics of people ... Read more

Unity 4.0 third public beta (including free version)

by - 22 Comments

Helloes! We are in the finishing stages of Unity 4.0 release. So here’s the third beta build: A chang... Read more

Unity 3.x and 4.x going forward

by - 47 Comments

Unity 4 was just announced, and many of you are probably thinking about if you should upgrade to Unity 4.0 now or later. Whither Unity 4.0? ... Read more

“Fast Mobile Shaders” talk at SIGGRAPH

by - 12 Comments

Yes! I did a talk at SIGGRAPH! Ahem. So yeah, a bunch of us were at SIGGRAPH 2011 in lovely Vancouver, doing talks, meeting people and going... Read more

Notes on Native Client & Pepper Plugin API

by - 4 Comments

Google’s Native Client (NaCl) is a brilliant idea. TL;DR: it allows native code to be run securely in the browser. Here’s a coll... Read more

Coming in 3.2: mobile graphics optimizations

by - 36 Comments

Last week, we started talking about Unity 3.2 by giving you a look at one of the updated Standard Assets. We’ll have more to show soon... Read more

Shader Compilation for Multiple Platforms

by - 6 Comments

Unity 3 launched recently, and with Surface Shaders we made it much easier to handle lighting, shadowing & rendering paths pieces of sh... Read more

Unity 3 technology – Surface Shaders

by - 39 Comments

In Unity you can write your own custom shaders, but it’s no secret that writing them is hard, especially when you need shaders that in... Read more

Summer of Code: Terrain Toolkit Released!

by - 19 Comments

This blog post is written by Sándor Moldán (Nekharoth on forums) who has been working on Terrain Toolkit to help generate realistic terrai... Read more

Four years ago today…

by - 12 Comments

…I took a plane to Copenhagen. Well ok, it all started a bit before:... Read more

Fridays Are For Fun!

by - 8 Comments

At end of April 2009, Joachim sent this out to all developers at Unity: We want to try one more thing… On Friday work on something coo... Read more

Summer of Code: Progress of Terrain Erosion Tools

by - 7 Comments

This blog post is written by Sándor Moldán who is working on a set of Terrain Erosion tools for Unity. The project is one of four selected... Read more

Presentations from Assembly 2009 demo party

by - 4 Comments

We have a ton of people at Unity who have been or are involved in the demoscene. Assembly is one of the largest demoscene parties, and this ... Read more

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