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First wave of Union games for Blackberry PlayBook revealed!

by - 6 Comments

Greetings from the Sunshine State! Building on the partnership with RIM we announced in late March, today at Blackberry World in Orlando we ... Read more

Union and RIM Bringing Games to PlayBook!

by - 4 Comments

Happy Friday, folks!  With all the excitement from this week’s Ninja Camp, we have even more exiting news to share on the Union front... Read more

Google, Android, and the Future of Games on the Web

by - 64 Comments

Hello Unity developers! I have some big news to share with you this week: today, we’re showing two new branches of our technology to t... Read more

Unity 3 Feature Preview – Snapping & Marquee Sele...

by - 26 Comments

Hello Unity Developers! Incredibly, it’s already been more than 3 months since I joined this crew of nuclear-powered toaster engineers... Read more

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