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Game Metrics: Their True Nature and What You Shouldn’t Liv...

by - 7 Comments

This featured guest article by Christian Thurau on game metrics, from essential to advanced, and their value in game development. Christian ... Read more

Cutting edge AAA shading technology for all

by - 26 Comments

Physically-based surface shaders in the Asset Store So… physically-based surface shaders. Physically-based what? I hear you say. Even thou... Read more

Broaden your reach with multiplatform publishing

by - 5 Comments

Develop once deploy anywhere – that’s our proud boast. Currently, users can deploy content built on the Unity engine to nine differe... Read more

Unity at GDC 2013

by - 7 Comments

This year Unity will be a major presence at GDC, in large part thanks to all the amazing games made by our ever-expanding community of users... Read more

Unity games sweep App Store awards

by - 17 Comments

Right now, Unity is the world’s No.1 engine when it comes to mobile games. According to a 2012 Game Developer survey, Unity is far and awa... Read more

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