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Unity 3 Feature Video – Occlusion Culling with Umbra

by - 42 Comments

After much anticipation we finally have the Occlusion Culling video ready! Senior QA Specialist Samantha Kalman and the Demo Team have put t... Read more

Unity 3 Feature Preview – Deferred Rendering

by - 20 Comments

After a bit of radio silence we’re back with another Unity 3 feature preview. In this short video Will Goldstone shows some of the ben... Read more

Announcing the 2010 Unity Awards

by - 3 Comments

Come get the fame and fortune that’s rightly yours at the annual awards ceremony to be held at Unite 2010. The Unity Awards is our way... Read more

Unity 3 Preview – “Unity Bootcamp” Demo

by - 67 Comments

Aquiris has been hard at work finishing up the new demo for Unity 3. Recently they posted a video of one of the playable levels of the demo ... Read more

Unity 3 Feature Preview – Beast Lightmapping

by - 53 Comments

Alright everyone, it’s the preview video that you’ve all been waiting for… Lightmapping in Unity 3! Senior QA Specialist S... Read more

Unity 3 Feature Preview – Cloth Physics

by - 34 Comments

And the preview videos keep rolling in! We’re running a little behind on the Beast lightmapping video, but until then take a look at s... Read more

Unity 3 Feature Preview – Asset Management

by - 32 Comments

And we’re back with another preview of Unity 3! As we near closer to the release of Unity 3 we hope to keep a steady stream of these f... Read more

Car Tutorial

by - 24 Comments

I’m very excited to announce that the Demo Team has recently released a car tutorial in collaboration with our friends at Unity Studio... Read more

Demo Team

by - 13 Comments

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The Demo-Team! (cue 80′s awesomene... Read more

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