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Global Illumination in Unity 5

by - 34 Comments

Unity 5 is receiving a major make-over in terms of graphical fidelity and lighting in particular. Unity has been limited to baked lightmaps ... Read more

Iterative baking of Occlusion and NavMeshes

by - 15 Comments

A lot of cool stuff was developed during Ninja Camp VII. One of the projects targetted the baking of NavMeshes and Occlusion data. Wouldn... Read more

Shuriken – World Particle Collision

by - 16 Comments

With Unity 4.0 we are adding support for world particle collsion detection. It’s quite awesome and very fast. We spent a lot of time o... Read more

Jesper Mortensen

Jesper graduated from University College London with a PhD in global illumination techniques. Following this he was instrumental in delivering real-time radiosity to games while working as a software engineer on Enlighten at Geomerics. In his current role as a graphics engineer at Unity Technologies, he is helping making Unity a better engine capable of delivering shinier, prettier, faster graphics.