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In-depth Cache Server

by - 13 Comments

In Unity 3.5 we shipped the first version of the Cache Server, and with 4.0 we’re making it even better (the way it works is the same)... Read more

Unity Roadmap 2011

by - 203 Comments

Unity 3.4 is nearing release, and we wanted to share some the features that will be included and also share with you a roadmap for what we a... Read more

Unity iPhone App Store Submissions – Problem Solved

by - 19 Comments

Recently some Unity customers who have been very anxious to get their game approved by Apple for listing in the app store have received a di... Read more

Resources everyone should see

by - 2 Comments

I think there are a lot of resources that are important but people might not have seen or skipped over it. So I am putting up a list of the ... Read more

Unity Roadmap

by - 83 Comments

Woah my first blog post! And I am going to dive right into the roadmap. This time we are taking a look at what is coming up in the near futu... Read more

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