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On the future of Web publishing in Unity

by - 93 Comments

A few weeks ago at GDC, we announced support for WebGL publishing for Unity 5. Now I’d like to share some more information on what thi... Read more

Web Player runtime update alert

by - 2 Comments

Unity 4.0 added the new release channels function to the Unity Web Player plugin; this function gives us more fine-grained control over run... Read more

Testing your web player content against the latest Unity run...

by - 8 Comments

When we release new versions of Unity, we also update the Unity Web Player to contain the latest Unity runtime. This means that users who ne... Read more

Unity 3.4 web player for 64-bit Windows

by - 16 Comments

Update Dec. 4 2012: The unsupported 64-bit Windows web player is not currently in working state in Unity 4.0. While we have been developing ... Read more

Snow Leopard’s 64-bit Safari and Unity

by - 33 Comments

Update: We have released Unity 2.6.1 on December 2nd this year, which includes an update to the Mac Unity Web Plugin, which is fully compati... Read more

Summer of Code: Progress of Detonator framework

by - 11 Comments

This blog post is written by Ben Throop who is working on a Detonator framework to generate great-looking explosions in Unity games. The pro... Read more

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