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Serialization in Unity

by - 39 Comments

In the spirit of sharing more of the tech behind the scenes, and reasons why some things are the way they are, this post contains an overvie... Read more

Unity 5: API changes & automatic script updating

by - 58 Comments

As the breadth of the Unity feature set keeps on growing, and as we build it with more and more engineers at the same time, the necessity fo... Read more

Custom == operator, should we keep it?

by - 200 Comments

When you do this in Unity: if (myGameObject == null) {} Unity does something special with the == operator. Instead of what most people would... Read more

Unity & Flash update

by - 95 Comments

Lot’s of news around Flash today! Let’s get started: We’re officially collaborating with Adobe to make Unity and Flash work great toge... Read more

Unity and Flash : a sneak peek.

by - 131 Comments

Over the last few months here at Unity, we have been hard at work on, amongst many other cool things, the ability to publish from Unity to t... Read more

Unity, Flash & 3D on the web

by - 157 Comments

These are exciting times. Today, at the Flash Gaming Summit in San Francisco (of which we’re proud Gold Sponsors), Adobe has announced the... Read more

Character Customization & AssetBundles

by - 4 Comments

A while ago, I was talking to a customer who was trying to figure out how to best make a customizable character in their game. After explain... Read more

Summer of Code: External Lightmapping Tool Released!

by - 10 Comments

During the summer, I’ve had the pleasure to mentor Michał Mandrysz, as he created an External Lightmapping Tool for Unity, as part of... Read more

Unite ’09 Call for Speakers

by - 5 Comments

Some time ago we’ve announced our third Unite conference. The conference will have many Unity employees, as well as Unity users, givin... Read more

Summer of Code. It’s a wrap!

by - 7 Comments

During the last six weeks, the selected participants for Unity’s first Summer of Code program have been working hard at making the ide... Read more

Summer of Code: Progress on External Lightmapping

by - 8 Comments

This blog post is written by Michał Mandrysz who is working on support for External Lightmapping in Unity. The project is one of four selec... Read more

Lucas Meijer joins Unity

by - 10 Comments

I learned programming on an Amiga 500. Some lowlevel stuff with copperlists, sine and cosine lookup tables and a line drawing algorithm to g... Read more

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