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More Open-Source Initiatives from Unity

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Our community is full of users who rely on Unity — whether it be for work, for play, or both. Knowing that, we’ve been thinking abou... Read more

Katana: Leveraging Open-Source Tools for Continuous Integra...

by - 8 Comments

Hi!  I am Na’Tosha, and, although most people know me as one of the people on the Linux Platform team here at Unity, my main job is worki... Read more

Linux Publishing in Unity 4.0

by - 28 Comments

It’s Na’Tosha from Team Penguin Pushers here, and in case you missed the news, Unity 4.0 has been released — with a publis... Read more

Introducing Humble Indie Bundle 6 . . . featuring Rochard!

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Hey! It’s your resident Penguin Pushers here, and we’ve got some exciting news! Humble Indie Bundle 6 is launching today, featuring Roch... Read more

Unity 4: Linux Publishing Preview: What, How, and Wherefore

by - 83 Comments

Hi, we’re Na’Tosha and Levi, a couple of the developers responsible for Linux publishing in Unity 4. We’ve seen that you’re happy ab... Read more

Build Engineering and Infrastructure: How Unity Does It

by - 17 Comments

Hello!  I’m Na’Tosha and I’m the Build and Infrastructure Developer here at Unity Technologies.  While speaking with use... Read more

Na'Tosha Bard

Na'Tosha was born and raised in the U.S. and received her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Texas Tech University. After collecting a wide range of experience in everything from multi-platform desktop application development to embedded Linux development, she is now working at Unity on the internal tools and systems used to manage and build the Unity software, as well as the Linux port of Unity. She has a passion for Linux and Linux development. She lives in Copenhagen with her husband Levi, and their two cats Ruby and Perl. When not programming, she can usually be found spending time with her family, playing games, or watching way more movies than she should.