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Time to Move on to Something Else…

by - 108 Comments

Dear friends, I’ve spent 10 years of my life on Unity – from writing the first version of ShaderLab (our shader compiler – yeah, y... Read more

Asset Store Road Map

by - 30 Comments

Hi people. After the roadmap blog post about where we’re taking the core Unity tools, we thought it was time to give you guys a heads-up a... Read more

Unity Android, Available Now.

by - 13 Comments

Hi Everyone, We are very happy to announce that Unity Android and Unity Android Pro are now available! Head here to download a trial and rea... Read more

Unity 3.2 is Available!

by - 40 Comments

We are so happy to announce that Unity 3.2 is now live and available to download! Here is a rundown of the major new features and improvemen... Read more

Unity 3 Release Real Soon Now ™

by - 39 Comments

Hey guys and gals. Super-happy news here from Unity HQ: Unity 3 is nearly ready – the beta testers and preview customers got their han... Read more

3.0 Upcoming demo

by - 55 Comments

Just had to share this: It’s a screenshot from our 3.0 launch demo, lovingly done by the super-talented chaps at Aquiris. (No image e... Read more

Unity and Mobile pt. 2 : The iPad Cometh

by - 25 Comments

Ok, so the iPad is now officially old news. Let me get something out of the way, first: yes, we will support it. Yes, we are aiming for 0-da... Read more

Unity and Mobile

by - 21 Comments

I wanted to take a moment and talk a bit about how we see mobile platforms here at Unity. Any talk about mobile will start with the iPhone &... Read more

Preparing Unite

by - 2 Comments

So, a bunch of us are busy getting everything ready for Unite – check out this people of guys who’s responsible for doing the co... Read more

Doing a Talk at GDC Europe tomorrow.

by - 7 Comments

Hi guys & gals. I’m giving a talk about the inner workings of immediate-mode GUIs at GDC Europe tomorrow (in Cologne). Looking for... Read more

Blast From the Past

by - 10 Comments

Hi guys. I was just going through some old folders sitting in a dusty corner on my hard drive, when I found a backup copy of images I posted... Read more

New Animation timeline

by - 14 Comments

With 2.5 out the door, I finally got some time to work on new features. I love that part – to me new features are so nice – the ... Read more

Thoughts on transparency

by - 5 Comments

Semitransparent GUI is all the rage these days. This is usually not a good idea. Here, I’ll go into some of the details why transparen... Read more

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