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Bladeslinger: Pushing the Boundaries Part I

by - 10 Comments

Luma Arcade’s recently released Bladeslinger for iOS (and soon to be on Android) pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved on mo... Read more

The Butterfly Effect Project

by - 40 Comments

The Butterfly Effect animated short made big waves at Unite 2012 in Amsterdam. It was shown in video form and demonstrated in-engine for the... Read more

Unity Talk at SIGGRAPH Mobile 2012

by - 16 Comments

This year was a debut for SIGGRAPH Mobile – a full day program dedicated to Mobile graphics during SIGGRAPH 2012 conference in Los Ang... Read more

SHADOWGUN talk at Unite

by - 6 Comments

Many people were asking for slides from yesterdays “SHADOWGUN: rendering techniques and optimization challenges” talk, so here i... Read more

5 NEW Unity powered iPhone games in TOP100

by - 3 Comments

It’s been less than 2 months and we have 5 new Unity powered games which hit the App Store TOP100 charts*: *) order of the titles is r... Read more

5 Unity powered iPhone games in TOP100 right now!

by - 7 Comments

Thanks to you guys, having an iPhone game made with Unity topping iPhone chart sales is no surprise to anyone. But do you know that there w... Read more

iPhone 1.0.3 to the Rescue

by - 2 Comments

If you’re using compressed audio in your iPhone game, then you should grab Unity iPhone 1.0.3. It is a hot fix release with a single ... Read more

iPhone 3G S is Hot!

by - 2 Comments

First, lets see what is inside new iPhone 3G S. Number of technical sites wrote reviews already (mostly based on well educated guess since r... Read more

Unity iPhone 1.0.2 is out there!

by - 1 Comment

Unity iPhone 1.0.2 is out now, so grab it! As I’ve mentioned before the key aspects of this release were to reduce memory consumption ... Read more

Unity iPhone Roadmap

by - 27 Comments

Whooosh! First release candidate of Unity iPhone 1.0.2 just went out to our beta testers. It’s a good time now to overview our planned... Read more

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