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Granny Theft Tofu

by - 11 Comments

This past weekend was the Global Game Jam, where teams from all around the world worked tirelessly to create amazing games in a single weeke... Read more

Unity 2.6.1 Released!

by - 3 Comments

Hey everyone, We’ve just shipped Unity 2.6.1 out to the world. This release includes a Webplayer that is compatible with 64-bit Safari... Read more

2.6 Web Player Community Preview

by - 14 Comments

Here we are again, putting the final touches on the latest and greatest release of Unity — version 2.6. The team is already amazed at ... Read more

Unity coming to you on faster tubes

by - 14 Comments

Everyone knows the internet is made up of a series of tubes.  Since Unity has such a strong internet component in the webplayer, nothing bu... Read more

2.5.1 Webplayer Preview

by - 10 Comments

With Unity 2.5.1 quickly wrapping up development, the last item on our to-do list is verifying webplayer compatibility.  As a team we do sy... Read more

Bug Reporting and You

by - 26 Comments

Assuring quality is a tricky task, and involves a lot of people — testers, developers, and even you the users! There are thousands of ... Read more

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