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Should I do it myself, or use the Asset Store?

by - 24 Comments

“First of all, don’t start with the mentality “I have to do everything myself, I’m an indie”. Sometimes it’s good to learn. But if you say that over and over again it starts to be destructive,” says Alejandro Garza, the CEO of start-up studio Authentic Illusions. The Authentic Illusions team is full of Ph... Read more

Assets that rock

by - 27 Comments

Sometimes, it’s hard to put a finger on what makes the Asset Store so special. Is it the relief t... Read more

Asset Store applications section launches with awe...

by - 8 Comments

Huge sale alert!  We’re kicking off our new Asset Store applications section with some genero... Read more

From Zero to Hero: The Asset Store Publisher Story

by - 6 Comments

Joshua McGrath is a little mad. He draws level diagrams in the shower, loves answering Tidy Tile Mapper support emails and applies his zen c... Read more

Easy game development: a peek at the GameAnalytics PlayMaker...

by - 6 Comments

The integration of the GameAnalytics Unity SDK with PlayMaker has just undergone its latest update. Simon Millard sat down with Magnus I. M... Read more

The Novelist and the Asset Store: The Visual Scripting Story

by - 3 Comments

Kent Hudson made a game that is part The Shining, part Gone Home and part something new entirely. In The Novelist, you are a ghost helping a... Read more

Showing off the Shy Shaders

by - 12 Comments

You can never have too many shaders. Whether you’re pursuing the elusive goal of hyper realistic 3D graphics or making a cute cartoon game... Read more

Tutorial: Behave 2 for Unity

by - 7 Comments

Hello everybody! My name is Emil and I will be your guide on this tour of Behave 2 for Unity. Having previously worked at Unity Technologies... Read more

The Mouse and the Asset Store: The Story of Ghost of a Tale

by - 3 Comments

During the Ghost of a Tale Indiegogo campaign, many were surprised to learn that this game wasn’t the work of a whole studio of developers... Read more

Extending the Unity Editor

by - 3 Comments

The Unity editor is almost infinitely extendable. While we’re always  working on improving all the out of the box functionalities of the ... Read more

Assets for Animation Awesomeness

by - 10 Comments

We are so proud of Mecanim, Unity’s super flexible animation system. But we’re equally in awe of all the amazing work that the Asset Sto... Read more

Unity Test Tools 1.2 have been released

by - 12 Comments

Hi there! My name is Tomek and I am the main developer behind Unity Test Tools. Ever since the first release we are actively developing the ... Read more

Mike Bithell: The Asset Store is a path to more ambitious in...

by - 33 Comments

Thomas Was Alone developer, Mike Bithell, is struggling to accept that his creation is out on so many platforms thanks to Unity. The Asset S... Read more