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The Unity Community: We’ve got Karma!

by - 19 Comments

All of you, the community, are freaking awesome! We have almost 2.5 million registered Unity users and quite a few of you, correction, a tonne of you help each other out. This weekend one of our long standing members, Eric5h5, has reached the unbelievable milestone of 100,000 Karma points on Unity Answers! So we’... Read more

Welcome Playnomics to the Unity Family!

by - 4 Comments

More exciting news for you today! We’re incredibly proud of our engine and development tools. We... Read more

Train Jam 2014

by - 6 Comments

     On March the 13th, 60 developers embarked on a 52 hour train ride from Chicago to San Franc... Read more

GDC 2014 Wrap-up

by - 13 Comments

Wow! What an incredible conference GDC was this year! Our booth was awesome, incredibly busy, and full of amazing friends and partners demon... Read more

Unity and Architecture

by - 7 Comments

A number of incredibly talented architects and engineers use the Unity engine to bring their blueprints to life and let their clients adjust... Read more

How do we use code coverage for Unity?

by - 2 Comments

Previously we have written about our Runtime Tests,  Performance Tests and Unity Test Tools. In this blog post I will tell you about how we... Read more

Mike Bithell: The Asset Store is a path to more ambitious in...

by - 30 Comments

Thomas Was Alone developer, Mike Bithell, is struggling to accept that his creation is out on so many platforms thanks to Unity. The Asset S... Read more

Unity Night in Odessa

by - 2 Comments

Last week, the Unity Odessa office hosted a  “Unity Night”, together with colleagues from Denmark and Finland. Over 100 people attended... Read more

Exclusive offer for Unity developers building games for Wind...

by - 13 Comments

Post was written by JC Cimetiere, Director, Partner Developer Marketing at Microsoft, Last November I shared with you that we’d surpassed ... Read more

Global Game Jam 2014

by - 25 Comments

It was another record breaking year for the Global Game Jam this year with a mind blowing total of 2292 games created using Unity.  This ... Read more

Get a bundle of cool games and support a great cause!

by - 8 Comments

Hello everybody! I’d like to tell you about Super BR Jam, an amazing and unique game jam in Brazil supported by Unity that was held Novemb... Read more

Come Learn with Learn

by - 13 Comments

So you’ve decided to download and check out this newfangled “Unity” thing. You open it up, create a project, and are presented with th... Read more

Cutting edge AAA shading technology for all

by - 26 Comments

Physically-based surface shaders in the Asset Store So… physically-based surface shaders. Physically-based what? I hear you say. Even thou... Read more