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Welcome Playnomics to the Unity Family!

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More exciting news for you today! We’re incredibly proud of our engine and development tools. We’re so pleased with where they are and where they’re going, that it would be easy to sit back and be happy with the impact our tools and business decisions have made in games development overall. But game developers li... Read more

Playstation®Vita for all: The Unity for PlayStati...

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No dev kit. No NDAs. No fees. No waiting. No hassle. Just register quickly with Sony Computer Entert... Read more

Unity 4 beta for Windows Phone 8.1 apps

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Unity is proud to announce the Unity 4 beta program for Windows Phone 8.1 apps. We have been working... Read more

Physically-based shading upcoming in Unity 5.0

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Unity’s new Standard Shader is physically-based for higher visual quality, a more intuitive workflow for artists and faster iteration. And... Read more

Unity 5!

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Today, at the biggest show in the game development industry, we threw the veil off of Unity 5 and announced that it’s coming this year! Th... Read more

Breaking news: welcoming Everyplay and GameAds to the Unity ...

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Our goals haven’t changed since we started out a decade ago: we want to provide our global community of developers with the same tools and... Read more

Unity at GDC 2014

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The annual celebration of everything game development is upon us again! The Game Developers Conference is a big show for Unity and this year... Read more

Monitoring Unity Performance, Part II

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This is the second part of my post about how we monitor Unity performance. In Part I, I explained how we monitor for and fix performance reg... Read more

Monitoring Unity Performance, Part I

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Hello! My name is Sakari Pitkänen. I work as a developer on the Toolsmiths Team here at Unity. In this blogpost I will tell you about how w... Read more

Unity Test Tools Released

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Through the past 2 years Unity QA has expanded and built tools, frameworks, and test rigs for internal use, something we have previously blo... Read more

Occlusion Culling in Unity 4.3: The Basics

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The following blog post was written by Jasin Bushnaief of Umbra Software to explain the updates to occlusion culling in Unity Pro 4.3. Unit... Read more

Unity and GameAnalytics Partner Up! Roadhouse Interactive Sh...

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Exciting news! GameAnalytics and Unity Technologies have partnered up to bring developers an unprecedented analytics solution!  Analytics h... Read more

Now that’s creative power: 1000+ Unity apps across Windows...

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The following post was written by Jean-Christophe Cimetiere, Director, Partner Developer Marketing at Microsoft, to update the Unity communi... Read more