The Great Incident Bash of 2015


It’s been 1.5 years since we last did an incident bash, so time was ripe for executing another in order to get some fresh data. Enter the Gr... Read more

VR is a wild place. Time to plant your flag.


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IL2CPP Internals: Testing frameworks


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The freedom to create your own kind of beautiful


It thrilled us to see so much high-quality, cross-platform content on display at Unite Europe. Iestyn Lloyd and Adam Simonar were two speake... Read more

Android Themes in Unity


For an introduction into Android themes and styles, feel free to refer to Google documentation: Read more

IL2CPP Internals – Garbage collector integration


This is the seventh post in the IL2CPP Internals series. In this post, we will explore a bit about how the IL2CPP runtime integrates with a ... Read more

IL2CPP Internals: P/Invoke Wrappers


This is the sixth post in the IL2CPP Internals series. In this post, we will explore how il2cpp.exe generates wrapper methods and types use ... Read more

The State of Unity on Linux


Hello lovely people! Last week at Unite Europe, the Unity roadmap was made public, and it included a highly-voted feature on our feedback... Read more

Leveraging Unity Cloud Build for testing large projects


This is a story about how we are using Unity Cloud Build internally and how it can make life easier for you, our users, as well. Read on to ... Read more

Unity Roadmap


At Unite Europe 2015, we unveiled our public roadmap. We realize that our users have been wanting more information for some time. To address... Read more