Unity Roadmap


At Unite Europe 2015, we unveiled our public roadmap. We realize that our users have been wanting more information for some time. To address... Read more

The Blacksmith Releases: Executable, Assets, Tools and Shaders


Hey. We’ve promised to release the assets and our custom project-specific tools and shaders from The Blacksmith realtime short film. Well, h... Read more

Making of The Blacksmith: Animation, Camera effects, Audio/Video


In this blog post we’ll be sharing our animation pipeline, and our approach to the post effects and audio and video output in the short film... Read more

Pixel Perfect 2D


How do I make a pixel art game that looks great? We get that question a lot. If you start your pixel game with all the default settings in U... Read more

WebGL: WebAssembly and Feature Roadmap


Yesterday, engineers from Google, Microsoft and Mozilla (makers of Chrome, Edge and Firefox) announced that they are working on a new cross-... Read more

Making of The Blacksmith: Scene setup, Shading, Lighting


In the previous blog posts in this series we have looked at the team that created The Blacksmith, and the art production process that establ... Read more

IL2CPP Internals: Generic sharing implementation


This is the fifth post in the IL2CPP Internals series. In the last post, we looked at how methods are called in the C++ code generated for t... Read more

Making of The Blacksmith: Concept and Art Production


For our second blog post in this series, the team reveals some sources of inspiration behind The Blacksmith, share key concept work, and off... Read more

The Blacksmith FAQ & Unity’s Demo Team


Since showing our short film The Blacksmith at GDC 2015 in March, we've received many questions from our community. Here we introduce the te... Read more

Unity 5.1 is here!


Drumroll please! Unity 5.1 is ready for you to download, thereby extending Unity 5’s power, efficiency and multiplatform support. At Unity,... Read more