Bedroom demo: Archviz with SSRR


As you may know, Unity 5.3, due early December, is currently scheduled to come with screen-space raytraced reflections. So earlier this year... Read more

Awesome Realtime GI on desktops and consoles


We've teamed up with Alex Lovett again and built The Courtyard, a demo that puts the Precomputed Realtime GI features in Unity 5 to good use... Read more

First #madewithunity games shipping for Apple TV


We are super excited to share several awesome Unity games shipping for Apple TV on day one of launch! These developers have been intimately ... Read more

MonoDevelop Roadmap


As stated on our public roadmap, we are shipping MonoDevelop-Unity 5.9 with Unity 5.3 in December. MonoDevelop-Unity 5.9 is at the time of w... Read more

Unity Web Player Roadmap


In late 2013, Google announced a plan to deprecate support for NPAPI plugins (such as our Unity Web Player) in its Chrome browser. Now, it i... Read more

Unified Test Runner & Test Analytics


Hi, I’m Yan and for the past two years I've been a Toolsmith at Unity. We have grown quite a lot recently and so have our test suites and th... Read more

Unity Patch Release Plan


Our Roadmap is now open to the public. We’d also like to share with you the Sustained Engineering Team plans for the weekly patch and monthl... Read more

Unity is coming to Apple TV


Apple has recently announced a new generation of Apple TV devices and a new operating system for them: tvOS. This new operating system opens... Read more

Windows 10 Universal apps in Unity 5.2


We are proud to announce support for Windows 10 Universal Apps in Unity 5.2. Now you can have a single Unity app running on Windows 10 phone... Read more

Unity 5.2 – your gateway to Unity Services


Drumroll please, Unity 5.2 is ready for your downloading pleasure! The big news in this latest release is the Services Window which provid... Read more