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Introducing Unity Games

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Union is now Unity Games. We’re the same team, working with the same award-winning Unity developers—we’ve just changed names to better reflect our mission to democratize games distribution. Our new name, Unity Games, more clearly reflects our passion for Unity and its ever-expanding community of talented deve... Read more

Union bringing games to 2012 LG smart TVs

by - 8 Comments

This week at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Unity games were playing on an exciting new platform: LG smart T... Read more

Developers Wanted!

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Unity is all about the content. Developers create the amazing content which make our tools, technolo... Read more

First wave of Union games for Blackberry PlayBook revealed!

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Greetings from the Sunshine State! Building on the partnership with RIM we announced in late March, today at Blackberry World in Orlando we ... Read more

Union and RIM Bringing Games to PlayBook!

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Happy Friday, folks!  With all the excitement from this week’s Ninja Camp, we have even more exiting news to share on the Union front... Read more

Unity Track at GDC

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Hi! I’m Tricia Gray, Unity’s Marketing Communications Director and Union’s Marketing Director. I am pretty excited about o... Read more

Union developers receive extra visibility on the Sony Ericss...

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Greetings Unity developers! I’m thrilled to join the Unity team as the new Developer Relations Director focused on our Union business unit... Read more