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Unite 11 – Its Over

by - 13 Comments

Unite has just flown by in a complete blur, as it always does. The Unity staff are heading their different ways, all across the world to get back to making more awesome tech. For me personally its been an amazing ride to see the evolution of the conference and the level that we have reached […]... Read more

Unite 11 – Day 2

by - 4 Comments

So day two of Unite 11 has come to a close. At the time of writing I’ve just got home from the... Read more

SHADOWGUN talk at Unite

by - 6 Comments

Many people were asking for slides from yesterdays “SHADOWGUN: rendering techniques and optimi... Read more

Unite 11 – Day 1

by - 32 Comments

So the first day of Unite 2011 is coming to an end. It really has been a record breaking start to proceedings with 1,200 registered attendee... Read more

Unite 2010 recap

by - 12 Comments

Unite 2010 was incredible – undeniably the best Unite ever… but then every one of them has had that honor! :) We had visitors from a... Read more

Unite 2010 – day 1

by - 9 Comments

Dear community, friends, and Unite participants. We were off to a fantastic start of Unite yesterday! We sold out with 650 participants – ... Read more

Unite 2010 is upon us!

by - 7 Comments

Every year Unite is the event that the whole growing company looks forwards to, crunches to make awesome, and finally gathers at – this is... Read more

Announcing the 2010 Unity Awards

by - 3 Comments

Come get the fame and fortune that’s rightly yours at the annual awards ceremony to be held at Unite 2010. The Unity Awards is our way... Read more

Save the date for Unite 2010!

by - 8 Comments

Yup, you read that right, it’s that time of year again, the time to get yourself ready for this year’s edition of our annual dev... Read more

Unite 2009, it’s a wrap, see you next time!

by - 7 Comments

Wow, Unite 2009 has come to a close and once again it was an awesome/incredible/crazy/you-name-it week! Now that I’ve had a day or so ... Read more

Unite 2009: Day 2 Begins

by - 2 Comments

As the sun rises over San Franciso we’re gearing up for another exciting day at Unite 2009. Yesterday was a new experiment for us in h... Read more

Unite 09 Day 1

by - 9 Comments

For those who couldn’t come or those who didn’t know, today was the first day of Unite 09, everything was great! Still we had so... Read more

Preparing Unite

by - 2 Comments

So, a bunch of us are busy getting everything ready for Unite – check out this people of guys who’s responsible for doing the co... Read more