Overcoming bias to become better leaders


What we learned at the Women in Gaming Workshop San Francisco As you might know, today marks National Women in Engineering Day, a moment to... Read more

The State Of Performance Reporting II


Performance Reporting aims to be a suite of tools. At the moment, only exception reporting is available as a feature of our Performance Repo... Read more

WWDC Unity Metal Tessellation Demo


This year, in the “What’s New in Metal” session at WWDC, Apple showed our Unity demo of adaptive tessellation written using Metal. The demo ... Read more

Evolution of our products and pricing


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The Made with Unity Developer Story Contest


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2D Experimental Preview


We are extremely excited to announce the 2D Experimental Preview! This is an early access version, so you can try out all the new features b... Read more

Debug view mode for physics collision geometry


We want to help you quickly inspect the collision geometry in your scene to decide whether collisions should or shouldn’t happen. This is us... Read more

Connect, Engage, Discover at Unite 2016 Los Angeles


Unite 2016 is this year’s most important gathering of artists, developers, designers, producers, publishers, training providers and enthusia... Read more

Women in Gaming workshop series begins, join us in San Francisco!


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Serialization, MonoBehaviour constructors and Unity 5.4


Starting with Unity 5.4, we have added new errors that are displayed when calling the Unity API from constructors/field initializers and dur... Read more

Subscription! Why?


Over the last days I've been reading all comments about the new products and prices, and first of all, do know that we are very carefully li... Read more

Do You Want to Make Your Studio More Diverse?


Hi, I’m Na’Tosha!  I work as Lead of Engineering Tools in R&D here at Unity, and I write and tweet about various things.  One of the iss... Read more

New Unity products and prices launching soon


At Unite Europe, we announced new products that will launch soon. If you are an existing customer we will be inviting you to transition over... Read more