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The guys at Flashbang Studios are a smart and hard working crew that continues to churn out lots of cool ideas and content. For those that missed it they recently went live with their own Unity-centric game portal website,

So far they went live with a soft-launch as the site isn’t completely filled out just yet, there will be community features and hopefully lots of cool games. Give it a look and stay tuned future updates from Flashbang. Keep it up guys!

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  1. It’s still a bit new and their plan as I understand it is not to host some massive amount of content like other portals. Instead they want to focus on having higher quality differentiated content so when you go to you know you’re getting premiere games only.

  2. Hah! Go and try Blurst, it’s really worth a visit. Well designed website and great content. Even if not masses of content, the stuff online is great!