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It’s been a busy year already for everyone in the Unity community and the year is still just getting started! Unity 2.5 is around the corner, GDC looms close and as of late there have been a few pieces of Unity content making waves that are well worth your time and attention. Specifically I’m referring to Zombieville USA (Mika Mobile) and Blush (Flashbang Studios).

Zombieville USA (AppStore | Website)

This is easily one of my favorite iPhone games, were it not for my love of crosswords and a crossword game/app I have installed I’d easily rank this as my all time favorite on the iPhone so far! For just $0.99 you get to play a great game that uses a simple set of controls to slay zombies like mad. What I love about it is the great graphics and the fact that the difficulty is enough to challenge me and retain interest, yet not so hard that frustration sets in. It keeps me chasing more and more kills, over and over and over… I’m hooked. You will be too. Give it a look!

Oh, and by the way, as of the writing of this blog entry Zombieville USA is currently #2 on the top paid apps list in the AppStore! w00t!

Blush (Website)

What can I say about Blush other than it’s a gorgeous gorgeous game, and yet another brainchild of the crazy crew at Flashbang Studios. Blush is a free browser-based game being offered on, a Unity-focused game website (another Flashbang Studios joint of course) and while I’ve not played it as much as Zombieville I can say that the “hook” factor is just as high. I’ve found myself sitting there just swimming around trying to take in all the nice visuals, ignoring any attempts at game play… Yes, please, go do something that makes you blush today!

Note that the crew at Flashbang has actually posted a really nice postmortem on this game. It’s an hour long video and if you work in the game space at all, especially the casual game space, then it’s worth your time:

Blush Postmortem


C’mon folks, get out and play! :)

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