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About a month ago Ethan posted about the Unity Demo Team and the iPhone tutorial that we have been working on. I’m happy to report that the project has been moving along nicely and it’s almost finished. We just wanted to put something up to show everyone what they can expect from our next tutorial.

We’ve included three different types of input:

  • Tap to move : the player character will track toward your finger touch. There is a jump button which you can press to have your character hop up. It also includes gesture recognition so that you can do a pinch to zoom and a twist to rotate.
  • Camera Centric: similar to what you might find in a console platformer, the character will face whatever direction they’re moving and the movement direction is determined by moving the left joystick. The right joystick rotates the camera around the character, and a double-tap on the right joystick makes Penelope jump.
  • Character Centric: all controls are based around the character, and the camera is locked in place behind the character. The left joystick translates her and the right joystick rotates her. Double-tapping the right joystick is jump.

We’re still working on putting some of the finishing touches on the project, but we thought it would be nice to give you a glimpse of the game in its current state. In this video I’ve included a pink dot to show you where the touches are on the screen


We can’t wait to get this game in your hands, and we hope you will have as much fun with this tutorial as we’ve had making it.

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I downloaded the tutorial/demo from the Unity Resources page and opened the “EmeraciteMine.unity” file and I received an two error boxes. The first one said that the project was from an older version of Unity and that if I hit continue, Unity would do its best to update the project. I hit continue and then I received another error box (the 2nd error box) saying that my version of Unity needed an update in order to open the project and if I hit continue, there might be some data loss from the project (o.O).

What version of Unity / iPhone is this demo/tutorial built for?

I’m running Unity Pro 2 and iPhone Advanced (2.5.0f5).

Most likely you are receiving that alert because we built the project with a pre-release of Unity 1.5. The message is benign.

When will the Penelope demo/tutorial be avaliable or atleast some demo code of 3rd person controls for unity iPhone?

The iPhone tutorial will be available when Unity iPhone 1.1 releases, which is imminent.

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Does this demo implement the locomotion system? (asked out of pure curiosity).

Also, will the game of the demo be released to the AppStore, before the demo is released?

The Demo Team was created while they all had other tasks to see through, pardon us for doing what you all ask for repeatedly and openly discuss what we’re doing internally, even if it’s early on and right from the get go (damned if we do, damned if we don’t eh? thanks…). In addition Jeff in particular has taken lead on the FPS tutorial update along with working on this project. This project is tied to other efforts (like the 1.1 update) so just sit tight and wait for it, it’s coming! :)

This massive tut will clearly be something to behold one day. But it’s been weeks in the making, and months in the promising. I can’t help but feel when it comes to providing much needed instruction material; the team may be thinking ‘Zebras’ when what we need is timely ‘horses’.

Consider this; Over the past 2 months since the demo team creation, if the team had published out a one page concept/tutorial/example each day (alternating through team members so each would have 2-3 days to write their ‘daily nugget of knowledge’), users would now have a considerable library of 30+ completed, desperately needed separate tutorials. This may not be the ‘plan’ you have in mind, but please take the opportunity to read the multiple requests in the forums. This is what is being asked for. Topics such as:

-Unity Remote setup (this desperately needs instruction)
-Simple side-scroller(simple as a grid background with a ‘red ball’ character.
-Scene optimization (a ‘heavy’ scene could be optimized via textures, simple code tweaks)
-Level switching (most efficient way to ‘level up’
-Code snippets and references would make excellent one-page ‘daily nuggets of knowledge’.

This is not meant to knock anyone. This is meant to articulate and hopefully influence the efforts of your dedicated team of artists who are no doubt working hard. I get the feeling that the team may lack a ‘Producer’ or Leader who points to the calendar, then the clients, and reminds everyone that rolling promises are fun but timely delivery is what is expected.

But hey, I could be wrong… ;)

When we release the tutorial we will include the entire project, so everything we used to make the game will be given to you. We will also be making a pdf explaining how we made the game. I’m not sure how long it would take to go through the tutorial since we haven’t finished the tutorial document, and the time to finish will also be dependent on how much experience you have going into the tutorial.

What will the tutorial include? Files? scripts? Models? pdf? What would be a good estimated time it should take to complete the tutorial? Could the tutorial be used to teach a class?

Watched the demo again and had a thought. Will you be adding any other features to this tutorial like enemies (Simple AI), cut scenes, upgrades (cool vacuum to suck up orbs), selecting/using items, etc. Can’t wait for this to be done! :)

Can’t wait. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the approach to the shadowing and texturing.

An update or remake of the FPS tutorial is definitely on our radar. I’m a bit reluctant to update the existing one as it’s the first complete project I ever did in Unity (first video game related work I did at all actually) and it’s a bit embarrassing to look at 3 1/2 years later ;)

Thanks for all the nice comments. I really hope this first large sized tutorial from the Unity Demo Team will be helpful to a lot of people.

Looks awesome! I’m learning Unity so I can one day make some iPhone games and this looks like it would be an awesome tool to help get someone going. Maybe when you are done, you can work on updating the FPS.

Awesome demo video! The Unity Demo Team have gone above and beyond as always – you guys rock! Thanks for all your hard work on this tutorial so far, I can’t wait to check out the code.

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Wow!! Great looking game. Can’t wait for the tutorial. Thanks again to all of you guys over there for the hard work on Unity.

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