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With Unity 2.5.1 quickly wrapping up development, the last item on our to-do list is verifying webplayer compatibility.  As a team we do systematic testing on a broad range of weplayers.  However, we really want 200% confidence instead of a measly 100%.  So we’re asking for a little help — from you!

If you want to help make Unity 2.5.1 a flawless release, there are two simple things you can do.

1) Auto-update to the 2.5.1 webplayer plugin by visiting this Auto-Update test page.

2) Go play as many webplayers as possible.  Your own or someone else’s, published or unpublished, anything you can find.

Every game you play should look and behave exactly the same as it did before the update.  In fact, if you see any differences (or problems) at all, write us an email at  Include the url of the problematic webplayer, and the OS, browser, and graphics card you’re using.  It’s best to let us know right away so we can fix it immediately!

We already know the Unity community is amazing, and this is your chance to actively participate along with the development team to ship a new version.  Rock ‘n roll, and send your pre-release 2.5.1 webplayer bugs to!

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@Aubrey: Very unusual, as none of the changes in 2.5.1 should have affected either audio or performance. Can you compare both behaviors against 2.5.0? And as always, you can submit a bug with your project folder and we’ll take a look :-)

@Nathan: This is one of the issues we explicitly fixed. But because of how auto-update works, the effects of the fix don’t show up until after you’ve restarted your browser. Try quitting firefox and re-opening, an then see if the bug is gone. It should be!

@Aubrey: if you think you’re getting slow downs then can you do some quantitative testing to find out for sure? We’re not seeing anything like that and having some hard data would help (if you have the time and inclination).

Sam, I just quickly went through most of our webplayers with the 2.5.1 plugin and it seems to work great! :)

Used Fire Fox on Mac. It still has the bug where it cuts off a lot of the loader screen though, but, it also seems that’s a Fire Fox issue since it isn’t on any of the other browsers.

– Nathan

I haven’t completed any scientific tests yet, but overall performance feels noticeably slower in my game after the update.
Most specifically, audio playback “skips” terribly – and it plays perfectly smooth while running in the 2.5 Unity Editor.

Latest beta of my game can be played @

you are awesome!!!
i tested the player and found an error in “autoupdate” and sent it to

i am not a unity developer yet but we would buy our team some unity licenses after university final exams.
however here in iran, we are in danger now.
nothing is good and they kill protesters

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Installation was smooth and Flawless! Off I go. Thanks again for all of your hard work Unity team!

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