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demoteamThe Demo Team is putting the finishing touches on the iPhone Standard Assets that will go out with the Unity iPhone 1.1. release. There are plenty of useful assets that you’ll get:

1. Additive-Projector (can be used to fake spotlights)

2. Blob-Shadow

3. iPhone-specific shaders

4. Default Skybox asset

5. Joystick and TouchPad scripts

6. Easy-to-use water reflection script

7. Control schemes aplenty: 2D side scroller, camera-relative, FPS, FPS w/ tilt, player-relative, tap-to-move

With the Unity iPhone 1.1. release imminent, you’ll be enjoying all of these goodies, soon!

9 replies on “Unity iPhone 1.1 Standard Assets”

That’s a good news. Especially for the sound system. But how imminent is the release?
I’m about to release a game in the next day, but I woud like to build the game with it. Can I wait for the release or is it going to take more than one week?

I can’t say how much I’m looking forward this new version.
I wasn’t thinking about the new assets but they looks very interesting now! Thanks to the Demo Team.

An idea for the next version: a unity scene with most of optimization techniques we already know.

So stoked, so excited… I can’t even say. After a long fairly crappy day, this is exactly the post I needed to stumble upon. Go team U…

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