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The demo team’s first example iPhone project is now available for free at the App Store. The demo is entitled Penelope and—as previously mentioned—contains examples of three different control schemes. Please check it out and look forward to a tutorial and example project in the near future!

20 replies on “Unity iPhone Demo “Penelope” Hits The App Store”

[…] Penelope- Unity iPhone Demo at the Appstore […]

[…] Penelope- Unity iPhone Demo at the Appstore […]

[…] Penelope- Unity iPhone Demo at the Appstore […]

First launch crashed, second launch worked like a charm! I’m on iPone 2G running OS 3.0.1. I did not have to reboot, but just start the app again.

I usually have trouble with it loading up the first time. It usually takes once or twice before it will not crash out to OS

I have an iPhone 3G with 3.0.1 OS.

Thanks for putting this together! Looking forward to the tutorials.

Seems like people made it work for restarting the device – that is a hint for Unity folks ;) – the sample app may use too much memory, or there is a memory leak in Unity iPhone 1.1 or the tutorial itself…

works great on my iPhone 3gs , rendering beautifully! performance is great! reflections are great! can’t wait for the tutorial!!! please hurry!!!

Working now! I needed to reboot my Ipod Touch. This time the game works as expected. Looks great! Still on OS 3.0 didn’t upgrade the OS yet.


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I’ve downloaded it and it works fine. I’m running it on a generation 2 iPhone running OS 3.01. Make sure to restart your iPhone be for you play. I always do that when ever I add a new app. Just hold down the home button and off button (at top) until the apple logo appears. Can’t wait for 1.1 and the tut! Great job!

Runs fine on iPod Touch OS 2.2.x here. The animation is very smooth. Cannot wait till the Penelope tutorial with Unity iPhone 1.1 will be published – any ETA, folks? I’d like to start my new project at the end of August and use 1.1.

As for the crashes – I wonder if cold reboot of the device helps? if so, then it gives an idea that Penelope may use a lot of memory or has a memory leak, so the iPhone OS shuts it down as it consumes too much memory. Just an idea…

Crashed on first launch on an iPhone 3g running 3.0.1 just as the music on the loading screen kicked in. Ran fine on second and subsequent launches: smooth, no problems.

Works good on my second gen ipod touch. Definitly looking forward to seeing how this was done, mostly on the asset level.

Crashed on the first load, second try it works on my 1st gen Touch. I have to say its framerate is to low to play smoothly.

Works fine on my 3gs iPhone. Runs smoothly and looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing the code on the different controller options. I worked out something like the joysticks option on my own, but you guys probably did it a whole lot more elegant. Brute force coding all the way! Good job Unity Team!

Just tested perfectly, on my ipod touch second gen OS 3.0. Nicely done, I cant wait to see the controller code. Its the only major area that I have had trouble on with my game. I’ll try it on my iphone 3g next, lets see what the performance is like :-)

Installs fine but does not load the game. It kicks you out to the main OS screen.
Tested on 1st Gen Ipod Touch running OS 3.0. Looking forward to you getting it working.

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