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Some ambitious community members from the #unity3d IRC channel have put their heads together and organized a competition to create simple example projects and tutorials. The competition and initiative is called UniKnowledge. Here is an excerpt of their information:

How it works
As i said before, you don’t have to worry about media. We are focusing on game logic and structure here. The objective here is to develop the best sample project, not the best game. This means that you have to:

  • Focus on the gameplay structure of the project
  • Make it playable. Play the prototype yourself and see if it plays good, smoothly
  • Explain everything you did, and how to reproduce that
  • You can use everything to aid the teaching process: videos, presentations, images, etc.
  • Comment your code!
  • Explain how and why things work

The prizes, amongst other things, include Unity Pro/iPhone Advanced licenses and cash! For full details about how you can enter the competition–and contribute to the Unity Community in the process–visit the official wiki page and forum thread: