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It’s been less than 2 months and we have 5 new Unity powered games which hit the App Store TOP100 charts*:

*) order of the titles is rather arbitrary and does not represent position in the top neither necessarily means that title is still in the chart

  1. Ravensword: The Fallen King – arguably the best RPG game on iPhone so far!
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  3. Star Wars Trench Run – official Star Wars title.
  4. httpv://

  5. Skee Ball – successor to 10 Cups 7 Balls
  6. httpv://

  7. Little Runner – now with Doodle Jump Easter Egg!
  8. httpv://

  9. Scarecrow – 2nd App Store hit from guys.
  10. httpv://


… and yeah, Ravensword is really amazing!

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  1. Right, idea of the post was to present 5 NEW games which hit the App Store during last 2 months, not necessarily those who’re there right now.

  2. As is Monster Truck Nitro. Though the subject of the post does have NEW in all caps.

  3. Also, Zombievillie USA is still there…!