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What a wonderful Christmas present!

So, 2009 has been an amazing year. I won’t list out all our achievements, but they’ve been many, and some big enough that achieving just one of them would have made us very proud.

But just in time for the Holiday season, Unity Technologies has been selected as one of the 5 top gaming companies by Game Developer Magazine. According to them, this puts us in a pretty interesting family of Apple, Epic, Valve and Zynga. A cute detail is that we’re by far the smallest. And (apart from Zynga) also the youngest.

Without gushing too much I want to thank you my incredible colleagues (who worked so hard to make this all happen) and our users for this.

Both groups have more than tripled this year, so there’s a constant stream of new faces, new histories and backgrounds, and of course amazing new skills being added to the mix. I guess that part is what makes me love my job the most.


3 replies on “Top 5 Game Company 2009”

Congratulations to Unity team !
Each day, I congrat myself to have bought Unity.
And, on the long road of the success, the power and features of Unity is a great help for us. Really !

i am happy that you are there and garagegames is not. you are democratisers and coolest guys in the industry!!! you really rock guys!!! hopefully you will have much more in next year. i think the free license will help much.

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