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…I took a plane to Copenhagen.

Well ok, it all started a bit before:

I exchanged some emails with David and Joachim and they invited me for a gamejam in their office. Then one thing led to another, I was young and needed money (oops! wrong topic) and on January 2006 I started working on this thing called “Unity”.

Unity was at version 1.2.1 then. Since then we’ve released about a dozen new versions, added hundreds (or thousands?) of new features, a handful of new platforms and have grown a lot.

Insane Sales!Also, we stopped saying “Sales are INSANE!!!!11” whenever they exceeded a whopping ten thousand euros per week. Seriously, that much money in 2006 was a big thing. Our Windows build machine was a single core Celeron with 512MB RAM because that’s what we could afford! Well ok, we’re still saying “sales are insane!” from time to time, just the threshold has gone way up.

SUCCESS!!!Occasionally we’d get excited about strangest things. I think this email is about some car model from ATI that was on front page of our website in 2006. It’s beyond me why we’d put a car on Unity website, but somehow it seemed to make sense at the time.

It would take too much space to list all the awesome things that happened in those four years. I got to work on some things too, like Windows Web Player, Direct3D renderer, shadows, editor for Windows and whatnot. But I mostly concentrate on creating trouble, which does not seem to hinder Unity that much. I need to get more efficient!

Seriously though, it has been an amazing ride so far, and I hope it will only become better. Thanks to everyone at Unity Technologies and the community!

Rock on!

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i visited unity’s web site from 2.1 time and asked David helgason for a windows version and unity for windows released in last march. also i want to say welcome to brett :D i was visiting the website everyday. David told me that i can install OSX on my PC. also told me that they have a windows version in their roadmap but there is no release date.
for the next version i hope for more MMO features and in game browser that is great for in game advertisment.

I remember those days as well ;) I still see that car on the front page in my head. Unity Tech. or as it was called then “OTEE” made quite a jump… almost like Space Traveling through a wormhole into the future. Let’s do that again! Where is the next wormhole?

ha ha ha!.. i remember that 2006 page layout, it was the first times i got the unity website, i used to end up in it from time to time looking for a good game engine back then, i remember hating myself for not having a mac nearby to try it out, it happened until the 2.5 release, which of course i was waiting for it and visiting the website almost daily waiting for the 2.5 released news.. when it finally happened i went nuts hahahahaha


Is it possible in the future (maybe with Unity 3D 3.0?)
To make 3D web pages without Unity Webplayer?. How? maybe with WebGL

That the best thing you can do. 3D web pages without a plug-in.

Then if you were the best

3D Web Master

congratulation to you Aras for choosing great guys to work with and congratulation to UT for choosing you!!!
i am waiting for Tom’s famous annual report post.

Pakimono is full of win! ;) Amazing that you’ve stuck with these crazy bastards for a full four years :)

Happy birthday!!

I have been reminiscing today about the games I played on my Commodore Vic20 when I was a kid and my first attempts at rolling my own! I dont think anyone really thought that gaming would become what it has become today!!

One day in thirty years time we may look back at Unity 2.6 and think how prehistoric it is compared to the Unity of 2040!!

It is mind boggling to think what gaming will be like in thirty years!!

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