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In my other recent blog post I described the webplayer regression rig which we are building.  When we find regressions it is extremely helpful if we have access to the project folder used to create the game we have broken.  Seeing exactly how assets are handled and the script involved can save us a lot of time.  Also, we’d love to extend the regression rig and get it to test daily builds of the editor, too.  We would love to launch Unity, load up your project file and check that everything still works, including asset importing and building the game. Testing real world project files will help us make Unity better.

If you felt able to provide us your project folder please contact us at, let us know who you are and where your game is online.  We can then talk to you about how best to get us the project folder.  We see the benefit to you is knowing that future Unity release work seamlessly with your project and your upgrade costs are minimized.  This can save you some frustration too.

Possibly you might feel uncomfortable sending us your assets.  I have written a short FAQ that should help answer some of your concerns.  Feel free to ping me on the forum (handle is dendrophile) if you want to know more.

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