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Hello all, so I’ve been working for Unity Technologies for the past 10 months and I have finally got round to posting my first blog entry!

I recently traveled over to Gotland (an island off the coast of east Sweden) to give a lecture to some of the happy games development students out there. As part of the lecture I talked briefly about the Animation View. That part of the talk is now being made available to everyone though the magic of video tutorials!

Head over to resources page to check it out. The videos are also available on our Vimeo page.

No animals were harmed in the making of this tutorial... o_O

No animals were harmed in the making of this tutorial... much

I have only really scratched the surface with the short demonstrations in these videos. I really look forward to seeing what the community ends up creating with this fundamentally “game changing” feature, seriously… you can animate your variables AND call functions from within your animation, how awesome is that!?  :)

Anyway, before my brain melts due to the near incomprehensible possibilities that the Animation View offers, I’d like to note that I would really appreciate feedback on the video and on the Animation View itself.

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Hi, I was looking for a way to do flat facial animations and your tutorial helped a lot. But I’m currently stuck at the moment. Right now, I have a character object mesh which controls the body and a facial mesh that controls the facial animation. I can script to play the facial animations. But is there a way to call the facial animation from the body game object in the animation view editor? I hope I’m making sense.


Great!, Thanks for the answers. Another question. I noticed events don’t seem to handle functions with multiple parameters? Is this correct? Will that functionality be supported in the future?

Hey Joe, thanks for the Tutorial. I’ve spent a lot of time with Unity but not much time with animation and this really got me up to speed in a few minutes. Good job!

Hmm, Animation Editor seems like you’re re-creating the wheel. Rather have better documentation of the FBX animation import pipeline. And DEAR LORD change the default scaling factor for FBX from .01 to be 1.0.

@Matrix I’ll speak to Rune on Monday and see what he suggests, my first instinct is to use the child system as mentioned, but I’ll look into it.

@Vetrex Yep you can have multiple events in one frame, they stack up on top of each other. And yes events should fire independent of frame rate. :)

@pixnlove Awesome, glad you liked it. Your positive feedback is very much appreciated :)

For a first video.
that’s a hell of a good start!!!

I needed that.
Thanks a lots for your hard work.

Nice one. A few questions about events. Can you have multiple events on the one frame? Will animations playback regardless of framerate? eg really low fps. If it skips frames to keep up does it still fire those events? Thanks

I have a third person character and I want to him to be able to vault over a short wall to the other side.

I created the actual animation in Max as in-place animation and then using the animation view in Unity I moved him in actual space (to climb up a head-level obstacle). It works fine but the problem is that forward is a hard-coded value (according to the animation view) and it is not player-relative.

How can I make it player relative? I got suggestions to make the character a child of an object and then use the character controller on that object but I am afraid that would require a lot of re-work and may introduce problems with the locomotion system. I am basing my work on the 3rd Person Shooter tutorial:

In it you can see that the object “Human” has both the character controller and the animation component are on the same object.

The reason I need to do the animation through animation view is because I am making not a traditional jump upward but a “Head level obstacle climb” where the character/character controller will have to move up a certain amount and then move forward to end up on top. It is quite tricky to get it right through code and so if I determine a good looking climbing animation through the animation view and actually move the character controller to end at the top then I can play this animation every time.

Pretty nice theses examples. I guess it will simplify our current workflow by miles. Tanks for theses videos on Unity Animation!

Very cool. I’ve been meaning to utilise the Animation View more and these videos serve as a good mix of a tutorial and inspiration. Changing imported animations and adding events to them is something I was interested in, good to know that it can be done. I’d briefly looked at doing so in the past, saw “Read Only” and assumed it couldn’t.

This looks great. But why don’t you make the movies in the resource section directly downloadable, and leave the vimeo videos for people who want to watch them in the browser?

This looks just as capable, in some ways slicker, than 3D Max’s own Curve Editor. Not only does it fill a gap in making an imported animation tweakable (much as a hierarchy of 3D objects is), but the animation events look rather powerful. Looking forward to experimenting with this.


But somewhat unrelated, is that fur shader publicly available somewhere?

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