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And we’re back with another preview of Unity 3! As we near closer to the release of Unity 3 we hope to keep a steady stream of these feature preview videos coming at you to get everyone up to speed on what cool new stuff is just around the corner.

In this video Will Goldstone gives us a tour of just some of the new Asset Management features in Unity 3. These include Scene View searching by name and type, the new Object Selector offering vast improvements over the previous method of selecting and assigning Assets, and Asset Labels which greatly speeds up searching and categorizing large projects.

[vimeo clip_id=”12584179″ width=”640″ height=”360″]

PS- Nicholas would like to personally apologize for the inconsistent GUI scheme in the Object Selector at the time of this recording… it’s still a work in progress after all ;)

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Awesome website…

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The videos are very hard to hear, even with the volume turned all the way up. Otherwise, Awesome stuff!

Yes, i was thinking on some similar kind of quick dirty editor script solution. But it will be good to have it integrated alongside the new asset management features of Unity3.
Some artists/designers does not code at all, they will find it pretty helpful.

Kind of what we looking for, yeah. :D

@Psychoz Interactive CEO
It would be great of you could group all the objects that you don’t want to cast chadow under one game object, and then have option to select all child game objects and disable shadows to all of them.

it’s better to have it available by default but making this don’t need more than 3 lines of editor scripting.
just foreach object in selected objects. and then inside it get the component that you want and change the property! editor scripts are for these features and for you to don’t wait for UT to make them available. you can ask for them in answers

Will the search feature use boolean so we can minus out a group or select combinations of names or types?

in Maya you can select objects by name, change many settings at once without having to write a single script, unity should have this functionality build in if it want to make the UI user friendly.

Something that i would like to see is, be able to change properties/stuff on the inspector to a group/selection of objects.
I have pretty large scenes with zillion of objects that does not need to cast shadows. Omg, is pretty crazy how many times i have to select each one and untick shadow cast. One by one. :|
That just for shadows. Changing other kind of properties is also a nightmare.
I would like to make a selection in the scene/hierarchy and display common components/properties of theses objects to be able to change stuff on the inspector for all of them in a single shot, not just for one. It could speed up asset integration/setup pretty much! :D
Good work guys!

@AngryAnt: bulk-assign : Being a lazy one, I’d rather prefer having that feature built-in that to write my own script for it. The tag system is available, so they “only” have to make usage of it and offer good functionality with it… as it is currently shown, the use is limited. Think of functions like: “Select all objects in the scene with tag ‘xyz'”, “Add script ‘a’ to all prefabs with tag ‘xyz'”

But well… let’s see the beta first :P

I’m sure it flows nicely.
Now how do you display non visual asset like script ? A snapshot of the code ?

i tried having it appear as a dropdown, but since you want a large window for all the nice previews, it made more sense to let it be repositioned. Once placed somewhere, it remembers the position

@Joachim: “It already does”

It could also be a tear off popup to minimize mouse travel and use muscle memory – like old time but with the new awesome

Re: Bulk assign: That should be relatively straight forward for you to set up with an editor script.

Re: Tag entering auto-complete: Arrow up/down will switch between suggestions in the list, enter will select and tab completion is also supported.

Kind of late to chime in on this subject, but one feature that I really miss is the ability to replace one asset with another one from the project view, using a key combination.

Naturally the new asset would inherit all applicable properties from the previous asset.

You could probably write an editor script to do this? but I just haven´t wrapped my head around that at the moment.

@laurent: “Since it’s work in progress, the asset selector could close on clicking outside”
It already does

Very nice
Since it’s work in progress, the asset selector could close on clicking outside

there’s one more thing nicholas! is it now possible to select multiple objects and turn a property in the inspector on/off (like mesh renderer?) at once!? unity always recognizes the property of the first object in the selection but not all of them. this turns me friggin’ crazy -> you have to do this for every object…please change that! this would save days (or even weeks) of my life!


aaaargh! can’t wait. can’t wait. dying. dying please release beta. can’t wait OMG. stop teasing me with awesome features, this is torture!!!

Love the new asset browser. The old way is essentially unusable when your project gets to a certain size. Loving all the search and tagging features as well. I also noticed the per-target asset import settings, too. Tons of tiny little additions and changes that are going to make a big difference in workflow!

Great features… but I’m not quite convinced by the tags feature. It *would* be great to be able to say: Well, I got these objects with these tags. And I want to change all objects with the same tags to have the same material with another tag.

Also, I’d suggest that when you add a tag and *if* a previously entered tag is shown, that you either directly can click onto that tag OR you can select the tag by cursor up/down and hitting enter. That would make the whole process much faster.

Thank you very much =)

It would be also great to give the tag names diffrent colors so that you can categorize it.

WoW really nice feature.

I really like the name/type search und the Tags.

Great work, want to have Unity 3 =)

Btw. where I can get this Marble Project? :)

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