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Rezzable brings Unity & Open Sim together

Rezzable brings Unity & Open Sim together.

As our resident virtual world enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for Unity developers making progress in the field. One of the most recent and exciting examples of this is heralded by the folks at London-based Rezzable. Renowned for their highly innovative and rich environments in Second Life, Rezzable has ingeniously created a Unity based client which works with OpenSim,  an open source Second Life compatible server.  Their technology communicates directly with the OpenSim back-end to stream and rez/instantiate SL-compatible content, including its very unique prim and sculpted-prim geometry right into Unity in real time.



Rezzable is using virtual worlds to teach real world history.

Rezzable’s innovation promises to blend Unity’s powerful AAA, browser-based technology with the vast banks of virtual world data created by OpenSim and Second Life world-builders over the last 8 years. This marriage between new technology and existing content offers a continuity to virtual world developers who needn’t scrap their existing body of work in order to take advantage of Unity’s next-gen functionality.

A Monumental Milestone - Unity, Rezzable & Opensim!

A Monumental Milestone - Unity, Rezzable & Opensim!

Kudos to Rezzable and world-builders everywhere, working hard to bring Unity and the dream of a digital metaverse together.  Do you have any exciting news about Unity and virtual world development or applications?  Please share!

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In Poland few programmers writing a virtual world like Second Life, I think it could be bigger than SL. I don’t know the name of project, but it was started few weeks ago;) They don’t call that yet.

Thanks for the nice writeup, Caitlin. Hope to see you / meet you ‘inworld’ at one of our live events soon, maybe even using the unity3d based client? ;))

thank you for such a great post! is there any way to use that unity client? we are really interested in virtual worlds

Caitlyn- Thanks for summarizing the impact of that so well. I had read the news but my brain was making idle noises as far as the implications. Though I was impressed by the Tut museum.

Take care,


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