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Dear community, friends, and Unite participants.

We were off to a fantastic start of Unite yesterday! We sold out with 650 participants – nearly double the size of last year’s conference but were able to make space for everyone (though the keynote session ended up being standing room only for the latecomers!)

The live stream of the keynote did work for many, but for many others it didn’t. We’re so sorry about that, but now it’s been posted here:

We made two gigantic announcements here. First, we announced the Unity Asset Store, a digital store so you can share and trade assets – and monetize your skills in a new way. The Unity Asset Store is embedded inside the Unity editor and will act as a hub for you to find free and commercial independently created assets for use in your games and other interactive 3D projects.

Second, we announced Union, a new business unit that will bring your Unity games to new platforms and channels and create new revenue streams for you. We have encountered a huge thirst for great games from a huge range of platforms, and a broad range of these opportunities are currently only being captured by large game publishers. With Union, we can help the smaller developers band together to approach these opportunities as one. We see Union as a further step on the road to the democratization of game development – a road that started with technology but can go much further.

And then Jesse Schell was our keynote guest speaker, and blew our mind with his fresh new talk about The Future of Virtual Characters. I’m so amazed by Jesse: yesterday was the third time I’ve heard him speak, and while his talks are always super dense and full of ideas and most amazingly I haven’t yet heard him repeat himself. Like, at all!

Gamasutra’s Chris Nutt did a great write-up here in case you missed and want to check out:

We’re so excited to see where you’re going to take this all and want to thank you for making all of this possible! Yay and double yay :)

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That was a great conference and I´m quite happy I attended. Will make sure to join this again.


The assets store would be killer if you could preview IN GAME any asset, but just not save them until purchase. So it would effectively be the same as a full import but somehow highlighted differently to remind you it won’t save.
Also the pricing could use the bandcamp model where you can specify a minimum price but users could choose to pay more (which surprisingly quite a few do). Also the minimum could be zero for free assets but of course with that model if someone wants to support and donate they can.

Hi there,
Unite 10 is over now, and we just wanted to say, that it was a really great experience. You Unity guys rock! Jesse Schell was really amazing (and if there is anybody out there who has not bought his book yet – you really should!)
We also are very excited about Union!
All the best, Eva Maria (Artcue)

Just wondering if there will be a website-side to the Asset Store? I think it would be nice to browse assets from non-unity machines, like phones, netbooks, non-production machines. Just an idea.

For a surprise with 3.1 that was a big surprise.
Asset Store and Union, I love the concept, It neat clear and so effective.
I hope the rest of the Unity conference will go just
as well as the first day.
Long life to Unity and all his Crew.

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