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Hey there, Caitlyn Meeks here – your Unity Asset Store content manager! In case you haven’t heard, the Unity Asset Store is your in-editor drag-and-drop one-stop prop-shop, packed with models, textures, scripts, editor extensions, visual effects, even complete game projects.  You’ll find ready-to-use, completely modifiable and customizable content for your own game projects just a few clicks away. Even though the Unity Asset Store is merely two months old, we already have over 10,000 downloads per month, about 150 new users registering per day, and individual content creators making thousands of dollars a month – and these numbers are steadily growing!

As a developer, the Unity Asset Store can save you money, time, and enable you to do things that were previously out of your reach.  Imagine the following game scenario: your warrior heroes have been adventuring through dense forest wilderness and set up camp in a clearing, sitting before a warm, crackling campfire. Distant roaring is heard! Moments later a pack of sword-wielding homicidal pirate goblins come tearing into the camp on Harley Davidson motorcycles.  With swords and battle axes swinging, your adventurers engage the pirate goblin bikers in awesome battle, dodging lasers and tire irons!  Finally you take them all down in a glorious explosion with a grenade launcher! Perfect idea for a game, right? (if you use it, I want to be in the credits -CM)

The necessary models, animation and textures seem beyond your resources? No worries!  Launch Unity and open the Asset Store window (Window > Asset Store) and find time-saving assets to get going! First you need to get your Adventurers in order. Check out Art Packages > Warriors And Commoners, by Frogames. In this best-selling package, you’ll find an assortment of configurable, professional quality, rigged and animated adventurer characters ready to go.  There are so many combinations of configurations, you find a style that suits your game uniquely. You grab our own Free Terrain Assets package, as well as Art Packages > Shanty Town Trees and artfully lay out your forest in less than an hour. A few clicks later you find the perfect campfire, by Unity Magic, complete with crackling sounds, smoke and dancing flames, saving hours of work. After clicking Download & Import, moments later your campfire is in your project and ready to use in your scene.

“But surely,” you say, “Unity does not have Pirate Biker Goblins on the Asset Store!” We look you knowingly in the eye and guide you to the Dungeon Guardians package, featuring professional quality, ready-to-go goblins. With a little texture work in Photoshop, you add classic leather biker chaps, evil mustaches and menacing eye-patches to the characters. Throw in your own peg-leg and hook-hand as meshes to complete the look. “This is unbelievably awesome!” you say, as you dive deeper and find that the battle axes, swords, and motorcycles are really just a download away. For the amazing boss-fight explosions, you download and import the stunning Detonator explosion package. Which is free, by the way.  Suddenly your project has professional quality artwork and effects in place, allowing you to focus on the important work – unleashing your creative vision upon the world!

For Content Creators, the Unity Asset Store is a fantastic way to publish, distribute and monetize your hard work – it’s a quick and effective gateway to connect with a rapidly growing base of game designers!  Because your customers can download and use assets directly in the Unity Editor,  your content is easy to purchase and immediately usable.

As of this blog posting, we’ve just released a brand new Asset Store Tools submission package. Check it out and show us what you’ve got!

Sure, the Unity Asset Store is an awesome resource for game designers and a great way to make money for content creators.  But it’s not just a place to buy and sell tanks, trees and scripts, it’s an exchange of creativity, ingenuity, and passion.  You’ll find the Asset Store waiting for you under the Window menu directly in the Unity Editor.

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One thing that surprises me a bit is that I can’t find (on the Unity site or in the Asset Store) anything that discusses licensing and permissible uses of Asset Store content from a EULA perspective. Can anyone point me to that? With the restrictions that are often put in place around game content and 3D models, I need to make sure we understand those before we purchase and integrate content.

It sounds like anything we download from the Asset Store can be integrated into our Unity projects (and modified) without exception, but I’d still expect to see a legal shpeel about not distributing assets outside of projects, reselling assets, acceptable uses, etc. Where’s the EULA governing Asset Store content?



LOL! You are right Caity, we need definitely much more room for sword-wielding homicidal pirate goblins – or i should say better: we all need a lot more fun and humour for 2011. And this is what i wish to all of you girls&guys: a LOT of fun, a lot of work and a lot of things that makes you smile.

Congrats for the launch of the Asset Store and also for Union – both clever and good ideas.

And Caity: if i decide to make a MultiTouchable turbo-driven hovering rocket-killer-piranha-mechano for the FishTish – it will surely go in to the Asset Strore! :-)

All the best!


One question… Is there any place for sets of sounds and music in your store? I am working on this now but your store does not have a sound section! Let me know how to contribute…..

OK regarding submissions is there a review process in place to prevent low quality assets from flooding the store? And also, I hate to ask this what about the content rating of these assets ESRB, PEGI?

As Unity user and especially as 3D artist I’m really enjoyed with Asset Store, for sure will try to make something for AS.

I think the asset store is a great idea, offers a good bussiness model. I plan to realize something in the mid term. And also it makes easier to grab the good old free packages like iTween in a centralized site. Unity3D has an excellent cost/benefit for artist and programmers. I hope you never stop the Free version, excellent job.

Helgason once said “making Unity free was a best decision we ever made”. Thanks to this they had a lot more content developers who created a lot of games. And thanks to this Unity is getting more fame and better plugin penetration. Thanks to free edition they sell more Pro version because there are more and more people who make money using Unity. I am one of them.

Tom Higgins once said “we cannot please everyone”. I guess you are just one of those people.

And about your last comment… well that is just embarrassing. An intelligent man keep these kinds of opinions to himself.

I really don’t like seeing content made by unity3d for sale in asset store.
While I do believe that everyone should try to sell their stuff online, it is bit misleading and in conflict of interest to sell prefabs from unity side by side with content made by their customers…
Shouldn’t you be fixing bugs and developing new functionality for unity ? As you know unity is still not game engine no1 and you have a long way to go forward…
Also, large success is mainly due to large number of free goodies that come with unity…
I really hope this is just poor decision and not that unity is in financial problems (80+ people to feed cost 3-4 million usd per year, average of 40 000 usd per employee, real number could be much higher)
Everyone would be much happier if you went back to indie licence of 150 usd, overrunning the forums is not a good idea, and thousands of users is only good for marketing proposes…
And where are the unite 2010 presentation, this is starting to look embarrassing, really guys, if you need help with editing videos, let us know, well find someone to help….

thank you for the store but for creating editor extensions we need a good understanding of editor scripting. please add some documentation to dragDrop class and others or release open source versions of some complex editor windows to help us.
i can write the backedn of a timeline editor and player for unity but creating the GUI for the editor is something which i don’t know how to start


I must admit that the idea of an asset store wasn’t initially appealing to me – but backed by the vision you just expressed, this is something we all as a community can truly get excited about.

Whirld toolkit coming soon…

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