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Happy Friday, folks!  With all the excitement from this week’s Ninja Camp, we have even more exiting news to share on the Union front…

In Brian’s last Union post, we shared what we were able to do with Sony Ericsson’s Xperia PLAY launch and several talented studios to implement Xperia PLAY’s unique controls in their games.  Being a part of the Xperia PLAY launch garnered those developers considerable attention, and being featured in the on-deck games recommender widget shipping on those phones should prove even more valuable.

Today, we’re announcing another very exciting partnership with mobile industry giant, RIM!  To kick things off with Union, in the coming months, RIM will be bringing dozens of Unity games to PlayBook.

PlayBook-640RIM is a very interesting early partner for Union because of their market share (15% global smartphones as of Q4 2010), their impressive customer loyalty, the strong monetization rates for App World and their new commitment to gaming with PlayBook.  We’re thrilled to be able to open up these kinds of opportunities for Unity developers so early in our efforts with Union!

During their earnings announcement yesterday, RIM offered some details about this new relationship with Union.  Unfortunately, some of the details were mistakenly covered by a few press outlets, so to ensure there’s no confusion, let’s clear up the details:

  • The Unity Technologies / RIM relationship at present is built solely around games distribution through Union.
  • We’ve made no commitment to supporting Playbook deployment from Unity at this time.  While we’re hopeful that the new platform will emerge as a success that warrants this as a next step, as of today, the path for developers to the Playbook is through Union.
  • RIM and Union will start by bringing dozens of Unity-authored titles to the Playbook this year.  These titles may just be the first wave to go to this new device, but we’ll be doing our best in working with RIM to ensure that they’re actively promoted and that the platform will be a place where they can flourish and make developers lots of money.
  • Unity developers interested in bringing their content to the Playbook can let us know by submitting a game profile at or by emailing us.

For those of you who’ve submitted your game to Union or emailed us already, you may be curious if your game will be one of those headed to PlayBook.  Though we’ve been in touch with most of the developers whose titles are slated for the platform, there are some of you that we haven’t chatted with yet.  If you’re curious about your game, just let us know.  It’s possible that it may already be in the Playbook queue!  If it’s not, rest assured that we’ll be working with RIM to see about bringing many more games over, too.

I hope you’re all as pumped about this as we are!!!  We’re just getting started here with Union, but definitely on our way to building something really special. More Union news to share in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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While this is definitely cool… when will we be able to publish apps (.bar files) from Unity for submission to the Blackberry App World?

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