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So we still have more to show and we are collecting together more videos and cool demos of some of the projects that were worked on during the NinjaCamp week. This time, we have a screen shot of the in-editor “Welcome Screen” or “Info Hub” that was cooked up during the week.


The idea behind this project is to make use of the Webkit integration that was used for the Asset Store in order to give easy access to learning resources, news and more.

We still have a few more NinjaCamp tricks up our ninja sleeves so keep an eye on the blog.

13 replies on “NinjaCamp III: More cool stuff”

To be honest, I’m not very likely to use this – I never use the similar thing in Visual Studio, I’ve got the Unity blog etc in my RSS feed reader already, and most of the time when I’m looking for information, I end up with like 30 tabs open while I try and correlate the docs and UnityAnswers and forum posts and so on, so I’d probably stick with my browser for that. So maybe you guys have something really special up your sleeves that I can’t even imagine, but otherwise, I don’t see it appealing to me.

As long as I can turn it off I’ll be happy, of course. :)

I’m eagerly waiting to hear more about the ninja efforts with blend shapes. That will be a very cool breakthrough indeed!

@Wahooney: I don’t think so, but he have discussed ability to use it on android and iphone where it already exists. But that’s a whole other project.

@Aron: Yes!

@Danilo: That was my thought, a quick and easy first route to our resources.. Not meant as the only way.

@Tinus: Wepkid!

Woohoo I made it ;) Let’s see when we can this beast released!

I am using it this moment to connect to IRC #unity3d

Ah—I see. When this was first mentioned, I had thought this feature meant that your GAME splash screen could have a WebKit area instead of just an image. Which you could then program with whatever interactive info or JavaScript motion you wished, using a WebKit image built into Unity. (But considering the game is about to launch anyway, with all the interactivity you’d want, that little bit of polish is probably not worth the effort or application size!)

Nice feature. It’ll help people who have Unity and don’t make use of the great resources that the Unity community shares, however, I think I’ll keep using the web browser if this tool lacks browsing history and bookmarks.

That looks pretty neat, to get the forum and videos and twitter and irc and other resources all inside the editor.


So this means we do not have to visit the Unity blog to get to know all the latest cool stuff!?

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