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First wave of Union games for Blackberry PlayBook revealed!

, May 3, 2011

Greetings from the Sunshine State!

Building on the partnership with RIM we announced in late March, today at Blackberry World in Orlando we revealed the first wave of games to be released for PlayBook through Union.

Live on stage in front of more than 6000 attendees, we announced 5 games headed to Blackberry App World for Playbook this summer. With Oren Tversky (VP Business Development for Union) on stage driving a demo of Samurai II: Vengeance by Madfinger Games on a 30 foot (10 meters) tall screen (via HDMI on PlayBook) and me narrating the demo and announcement, Union was a huge hit in show’s opening keynote.

blackberry-world-2011_brett-oren blackberry-world-2011_full-stage

Our experience developing on PlayBook has been a fantastic, particularly when you consider that we’ve been on pre-production devices. With most of the primary porting work complete, we’ve found that many of the Unity games we’ve run on the device work right from the start. In some cases, it actually took more time to import the projects into Unity than to get them running on the PlayBook! This is exciting because it means that we’re beginning to deliver what we’ve wanted with Union: rapid access to promising new platforms and simple deployment.

In addition to Samurai II: Vengeance, today we announced 4 more titles headed to Playbook via Union.  They are: Racer by Luma Arcade, AirAttack HD by Art in Games, Battle Bears -1 by SkyVu Pictures, and Chop Chop Tennis by Gamerizon.



These games and potentially many more will be headed to App World via Union this Summer. And that’s just the beginning—we plan on bringing about 30 games to PlayBook this year!

There are definitely exciting days ahead for Union. If you haven’t already submitted your game, let us know you’re interested today by creating a profile for your game at or by emailing us at

6 replies on “First wave of Union games for Blackberry PlayBook revealed!”

In the video working game is shown and it is touted as being very easy and fast to port to playbook, so what happened? Can we get an update on this? Why are the games not out yet its been 4 months…

So is there any news on how the development is going on any of the games that were spoken about and demo’d yet? It’s now August, and summer is coming to an end and there are many of us who are begging for quality games to come out for the Playbook. Please tell me it’s soon and not later. Heck, for that matter, please tell me you’re still going to be releasing games for the Playbook!

Good job on stage there Brett!

This is extremely impressive. Everywhere I’ve read or watched I hear about developers finding the Playbook to be an extremely easy platform to develop for / port to. Apparently the Android ported apps just ‘worked’ out of the box, and even the Linux port of Quake 3 just ‘worked’, of course changes needed to be made to reconfigure to ‘touchscreen’ controls… but the game itself played without a hitch. And now the Unity games are having the same experience.

Just wondering, how difficult has it been to port games to Android and iOS devices? I know porting from iPhone to iPad is a simple process, but how about otherwise?

Why stop at 30 games… with such an easy platform to port to, and with so much potential for game sales, why not push for getting even more games onto the platform? Unity has well over 600 games for the iPhone the last I remember…

If I buy one of these tablets I think I’ll have to shell the cash out for a 64GB version.

Crackberry book is amazing, and I think there is huge potential for success,
as long as they figure out few minor details, like how to send an email! LOL
But seriously, would like to see unity guys on stage, any hope of seeing that videos ?

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