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london unity user group meetup 

London Southbank University, 18th May 2011 – Unity users, newcomers and developers gather at the second London Unity User Group (LUUG), and see presentations from developer and tutor Russ Morris and Carlos Ulloa, legendary developer of Papervision 3D and now Unity developer of HelloFlower as part of his HelloEnjoy design agency.

The evening began with Russ Morris showing off Unity to the many newcomers to the meetup. His fantastic talk was titled ‘Your first 45 minutes in Unity’ and took the audience through a new project, all the way to creating an interactive environment with a player character, and physics-based gameplay.

Russ’s talk was followed by a fascinating and oft amusing talk by Carlos Ulloa. Many of you will already know Carlos either from his work as HelloEnjoy, or perhaps with his creation Papervision 3D for Flash, but the meetup talk was focused specifically upon his passion project HelloFlower. Without further ado, check out the talk in full in the video below, then go get HelloFlower for free here

Part One

Part Two

The meetup as usual was followed by a few drinks at the local pub The Ship, where lots of cool people met other cool people, so why not come along next time and meet them! See the meetup group here for further details of the next event, scheduled for Thursday 23rd June

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Love seeing this kind of stuff on the unity blog. Althrough there’s some crazy background noise in here, sounds like the camera is sitting next to a wall clock or some guy is munching potato chips next to the mic.

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I really enjoy watching these videos. Hearing from the developers so directly in a smaller environment with people all mostly on the same page regarding the tools makes for great viewing. Hopefully these keep coming, huge thanks to the event organisers and personal involved in recording ^^

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