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string-launchToday sees the public launch of the excellent Augmented Reality plugin for Unity from String.

Focusing intensively on creating their technology for use with Unity, String have been working with a number of respected Unity developers to create showcase material as they have worked through an intensive beta stage over the past year.

At today’s Augmented Reality Summit, String will unveil some of their latest developments that go far beyond what they have teased so far. You can watch the String presentation via the following Stream live or as an edited version once their talk has finished –

Democratising Augmented Reality

String touts one of its key selling points as being fast, stable and easy to use, and they are keen to remind Unity developers that they aim to bring a formerly somewhat inaccessible technology to a new audience of developers thanks to their easy to use toolset. Time will tell how you Unity developers take them up on this but I for one can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Demonstrations so far have been impressive and with further super-secret stuff being unveiled at the Summit, the power of String has yet to be seen.

In a press release combined with today’s launch, Alan Maxwell, CEO and founder states “We are delighted to officially launch String™ to the world. We’d like to thank everyone for their support and interest. There’s been huge anticipation from both the global development community and international brands. We’re very excited to finally unleash String™, and to be working closely with our partners to drive innovation. We can’t wait to see the ideas that emerge, and we are working hard to develop the technology even further, so watch this space.”

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BALLS. Or naivety. That’s what it takes to charge $7000 per app, per year, for this “technology”. Best of luck chum. $999 with a splash screen? You’re having a laugh, right? Or maybe we’ve gotta help pay for more high end demos in public ‘art’ places with clueless, techtarded knob jockey’s all a gush on bubbly and Fois AND help your marketing because you’re marketing air.

Next time try discretion and modesty. Not false modesty, the real kind. The kind that leads to truth in marketing. I don’t wanna help pay for another one of the “events” seen in this video… cause then another of these painful videos might show up.

Here’s a tip. If you feel proud when watching a video you’ve been involved in making, re-edit it at the least, perhaps reshoot it. Make sure the only feeling you have is sureness that it communicates your message. Any warm chummy proud feeling it creates in you is going to be reflected as nausea in any audience of those that don’t know you.

The only Pom the world ever celebrates doing well and living large is Branson, mainly because of that shit-eating grin merged with a “how lucky am I?” reluctant playboy expression that’s modestly plastered on his face 24/7. If you’re not him, don’t pomp it, Hugh Grant it instead.

I second that, it’s great technology, but I think for $999 I can do without advertising their product in my app.

Really interesting product but i don’t understand the necessity of the the Splash screen for the PRO License.


Price is one thing… these guys stick their SPLASH SCREEN into your app. so even if you own Unity Pro and don’t suffer splash screens, you would with String’s AR extension. How F’d up is that?

If I pay serious $$$ for a plugin, I don’t need anyone to know who they are. The product seems well done and easy to use, but… a f`ing Splash Screen? it’s presumptuous and a non-starter.

Imagine if Prime31 wanted a splash, then EZGUI, then RageSpline… You app would open like a damn Ron Howard movie, with 11 production company logos.

Lose the Splash, Alan

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