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Hi Friends! Some of us are in Vancouver this week teaching and talking at The Siggraph Studio. If you are attending Siggraph, stop by the Unity area or attend one of our talks.

Studio Workshops

Monday, August 8th
10:40am- 12:10pm Joe Robins “Creating a Multi-platform, Real-time Portfolio for Your Artwork”
3:45pm- 5:15pm Aras Pranckevicius and Renaldas Zioma “How to Write Fast iPhone and Android Shaders in Unity”

Studio Talks

Monday, August 8th
12pm-1pm Roald Hoyer-Hansen “Creating a Cool Game Without a Programmer”

Tuesday, August 9th
10:30am- 11:30am Kuba Cupisz and Ole Ciliox “Special Effects with Depth”

Thursday, August 11th
10:30am- 12pm Robert Cupisz and Kaspar Daugaard “Lighting Worlds in Unity”


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  1. insane awsome incredible are you watching here flys in it typhoon what I can’t beleive it incredible wow

  2. @ Aras Pranckevičius , Thanks so much !

    do you know if the work shops will be release or not ? and how can we find them ? or buy them ?

  3. Aras Pranckevičius

    August 18, 2011 at 7:11 am

    @Sobhan: one of the studio talks is published: already. Others aren’t yet because some guys happen to be on vacation right now ;)

  4. Hi
    @ tricia

    thanks for good news , as you mentioned : “The Studio Talks will be published” so when will they become available ?
    and where ? and how can we get Work Shops from ? and how ? and when ?
    thanks so mcuh

  5. @Curious
    We will be at GDC Europe doing a developer day, I’ll make another post with that information.

    @ Ahmad and Robert-Glen

    The Studio Talks will be published, but not the Studio Workshop. You’ll have to check back on the Siggraph website when they are available.

  6. You guys attending the GamesCom 2011?

  7. Jason. Amstrad

    August 8, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    Sounds like a mini Unite.

  8. I’ll find out today if they will be and get back to y’all.

  9. I’m also hoping that these sessions will be recorded and published in some form. I find each video that has been uploaded detailing or showcasing some aspect of Unity has given me something very important to takeaway and think about more. Fingers crossed.

  10. @Sander
    Not anymore! Long live Unity!

  11. Sander van Rossen

    August 8, 2011 at 7:34 am

    “Creating a Cool Game Without a Programmer”??? Heresy!

  12. Cool, are these sessions going to be published online at any point? Would really love to get them but couldn’t attend Siggraph.