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SIGGRAPH 2011 - Bedroom frenzySIGGRAPH 2011 - Breakfast with ParticlesOle and I promised to share the slides from our talk at the SIGGRAPH 2011 Studio. The presentation covers various graphics techniques that use depth, normals and color buffers. The methods range from improving standard techniques to creating entirely new ones, like approximate volumetric effects or advanced image post-processing. The buffers used are in many cases the natural products of the rendering pipeline and offer a way to infer surprisingly much information about the scene, thus allowing for very rich and fast graphics effects.

It may be a worthy read both for artists and programmers, as we discuss the possibilities of some unusual special effects and their technical side.

Get it while it’s fresh: Special Effects with Depth (14MB pdf)


Kuba and Ole


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  1. Hi any possibility about take a sneak peak to the sources ot these wonderful effects?

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I love the Unity 3D community.

  3. U r the best man!

  4. *rubs hands on legs repeatedly*

    Mobile, mobile…mobile!

    Feed me.

  5. very Impressive & intersting tute . i hope we will see you again with another effective tute. thanks– Rautela

  6. great! thanks for sharing this one

  7. Dammit, i press submit button to soon =.=”

  8. no….not, but 3.4.1 (soon to be released) #hoping

  9. Make sure to include those lovely image effects in your next version (3.5)! :D

  10. Point light shafts? Where :O

  11. @Gustav: we like to think so ;)

    @JoeW: everything shown in the presentation can be done with vanilla Unity 3.x. As soon as we have some time on our hands we will publish a package for each of the effects to the Asset Store. Stay tuned!

  12. Impressive…..that point light shaft looks cool

  13. This is great stuff! So, is this available to us non-coder types, or is it something that requires custom shaders be programmed?

  14. Awesome! You guys have the best jobs ever :P