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Yesterday marked a huge milestone for Unity – releasing a public beta preview of our upcoming version 3.5 (Okay so you’re excited, you somehow missed the home page – go download it here

With a huge feature set to show off, and new export targets such as the much talked about Flash and Google Native Client support, this developer preview is something of an early christmas gift we hope you’ll get a kick out of playing with. As if the carrot of previewing the features of 3.5 wasn’t enough, we are also running a contest for those of you interested in deploying Unity content to Flash, which could land you the awesome prize of $20,000 dollars.

Keep in mind that the preview of the Flash export support is just that – a preview, but we felt that we had hit a milestone that meant the feature was stable enough to let you guys get hands on and help us put it through its paces, as we’re sure you will! There are some limitations of our existing Unity feature set however, and you can jump onto the beta preview page and read the FAQ for more information, something we’ll be updating as time progresses so that you keep abreast of the latest information.

We have created a new section of the forum to help you discuss and organize your thoughts on any issues arising from the developer preview, so why not join in the debate now as you give Unity 3.5 a spin for yourself?

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热烈祝贺Unity3D 3.5 beta发布!

Congratulation for Unity3D 3.5 beta release~
Happy Chinese new year, Good luck for you~

any word on: UI framework

Was one of the things I had most looked forward to. Haven’t seen anything on it yet :(

Send it to UT by using help/report a problem. describe it completely and write step by step instructions to reproduce it. It would help alot more because the QA team might don’t check this blog entry for bug reports.

Unity 3.5 seem to have much more crash problem in my computer with the new Particle System Editor window — It freeze Unity within 5 minutes, top, without fail. And the keyword here is”Freeze” and thus no crash log of any kind. Whole thing just simply frozen.

I’m running with BitDefender Antivirus and NVIDIA GT330M 285.62 Driver.

We need dynamic nav mesh creation @runtime, other solution exist that does that, even at the cost of performance, some of us need that feature.

I’ve tried to import a 3.4.2 project to 3.5 (the car tutorial) it works quite flawlessly the only problems i found were:

-no background music playing.
-the labels were without antialias any more.

Still checking how to fix but i’m still using the 3.4.2 to avoid problems.

Yes,but remember that the free version of Unity already gives you a lot of possibilities.
If you use your head,then you’ll see that you can do a lot with it.

stagiaires in suriname

@pixnlove – we are still deliberating over the feature set for Pro and Free, we simply put certain features into particular licenses for this developer preview for its release, do not consider them as finalised :)

@Jayesh – enjoy!

@ Andy – there is, in the form of Google Native Client export.. sorry no native web player!

I am back to say that I am a little bit disappointed…
Because all the awesome features that I have been waiting to try such as Direction Directional Lightmap + Navigation Mesh are exclusively for the pro licence.
On the other hand Shuriken and the flash export are totally awesome features.

Please consider implementing a basic version of NashMesh for the free version (really basic navigation with limited features), this will truly be amazing for the official release of Unity3.5.

Thank you all Developper for this amazing peace of software, Long life to Unity and all the Crew!!!

@sam @TheLogan – we haven’t released info on the licensing model just yet, we will as soon as possible so you all know where you stand.

@Pulsar – this is something that will emerge – bear in mind this is simply a preview of the feature set we have thus far, the goal with any added platform is to ensure we get the most complete Unity feature set to them as possible.

@stagiaires – This is being developed by Autodesk scaleform team independent of us, as such I believe it is being developed to work with 3.4 and they will upgrade anything as necessary when 3.5 ships.

@formulabill – Thanks :)

@Rook / @Brent – we’re 100% aware of the feelings of folks like yourself regarding an updated GUI, its something we recently provided some feedback on in this forum post, please take a look, but in a nutshell, we really just want to get it as right as possible, and this is a huge creative as well as technological task we’ve been working on for some time –

Unity Flash does not support the WWW class, currently. The question is: will it support it in future releases? Will you guys bring a built-in alternative?

Nice features in the 3.5 preview.
And I read something on the Autodesk Gameware website about some kind of upcoming ScaleForm integration for Unity3D. But is that actually planned for the official release of Unity 3.5 or 3.6 ?

Flash was a more important feature then GUI? When your engine plug in is the second most installed plug in behind flash player (thank you Facebook right?) You would think flash support would be redundant, Oh well, congrats to you guys that felt you needed this worthless feature.

Nice release, can’t wait to play – however I am also interested in the updated GUI functionality – at least I would like to know if updating to the new GUI system will require a complete overhaul, or be a simpler affair ( and possibly when to expect ) ?

So I guess the new GUI stuff was pushed to 3.6? Any chance we can get some details on what to expect at least?

Great Release! fairly stable on most things but the flash export is almost unusable and nacl’s engine size is 100MB. hopefully it will be reduced or at least the user don’t have to download it all. even compressed it was 17MB so i thought the web player might not be a huge obsticle.
oh and obsticle avoidance works really nicely however adding layers to it can make it much more powerfull

OGM!! this is a the christmas present I have been waiting for…
Thank you all for this amazing new release!!!
Enough talk let give that a try.

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