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The Creative Assembly is a veteran game studio celebrating its 25th birthday this year. Known for the Total War game series, they have recently brought the series to a whole new audience of gamers in the form of iOS title ‘Total War Battles: Shogun’. Available on the App Store now, the game brings a mix of turn-based, real time strategy and puzzle gaming to iOS, and the studio plans to bring it to Google Android devices soon.

Historically, the Creative Assembly have worked purely on PC and Consoles, writing their own engine tech for the Total War series, we visited the studio to ask them about their experience of using Unity to take the series to mobile platforms.

Check out Total War Battles: Shogun on the App Store –

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fun games…

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It is nice to see Unity engine getting used in the industry more and more! Great job, guys!

It is also important to note that Unity must also start testing these things for the next release of Unity 3D:

— Destructible Geometry.
— Interactive Fluid Surfaces.
— Material Instancing.
— Visual Script Editor.
— Matinee style cinematic editor.
— Normal Mapping for terrain.
— Multi-texturing Shader.
— Realtime Reflections (so without a render texture).
— Voxel Clouds.
— Underwater god rays and caustics.
— Realtime Global illumination.
— More realistic glass shader.
— etc,etc,…

And don’t forget the interactive fluids surfaces and destructible geometry for the next unity 3D release.

Amazing the places unity is going now a days. Just to think it started of as a game prototyping tool. I remember saying 4 years ago when I first tried unity (it was love at first sight). When they were still calling a it a prototyping tool, I said then that Unity is the future of game development and I still stand by my word. Unreal and Cryengine have a lot to learn from these guys. Long Live Unity

See folks?
That’s what i tried to explain to my lead programmer few years back, but he din’t wanted to listen. The funny thing is that they are now switching all their in-house shi**y ugly tools for Unity! Too much waste of time, ressources and money…
Anyway, this is no surprise to me. Unity is the king of modern game dev engines and the future if you want to know. Period!

It is very nice to see professional working with Unity,
It is also very inspiring to see that they recognise the power of the Engine at a professional level.
Thanks to the wonderful cru and its wonderful community.

Well that is really really cool. Too bad 1+3 doesn’t = 4, so I can’t post this due to broken spam protection

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