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London Unity Usergroup 13: Hometown GP & Thomas Was Alone

, July 10, 2012

June 21st saw the 13th London Unity Usergroup. What’s that you say? What happened to 12? well usergroup 12 was a ‘social’ with no talks, hence the lack of a blog post with videos.

LUUG13 featured Ben ‘Duck’ Pitt and Duncan Hall discussing their Hometown GP project for Vodafone, and Mike Bithell talking about the production and release of his indie title ‘Thomas Was Alone’. Two excellent talks, and they’re presented here for your viewing pleasure! The usergroup had 67 attendees and was followed as ever by a trip to our designated pub, The Ship. Keep an eye on the page for news of the next meetup.

Hometown GP part 1 of 4

Hometown GP part 2 of 4

Hometown GP part 3 of 4

Hometown GP part 4 of 4

Thomas Was Alone part 1 of 2

Thomas Was Alone part 2 of 2

4 replies on “London Unity Usergroup 13: Hometown GP & Thomas Was Alone”

It’s the first time I hear of Hometown GP. I tried to play it on the official site, but servers are offline… Too bad. :(

Can we see more of the ” Interactive Indirect Illumination ” feature from the ninjacamp 6 ?

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