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This year was a debut for SIGGRAPH Mobile – a full day program dedicated to Mobile graphics during SIGGRAPH 2012 conference in Los Angeles. Mobile becoming part of the graphics conference proves that this sector advances by leaps and bounds – both technology and application wise.

Of course such day would be somewhat less without Unity :) I gave talk on graphics related challenges that we face while developing Unity on mobiles. Talk is intended for people who develop their own technology from scratch or those who want to know more about the under-the-hood details of the Unity engine. It will hardly help to optimize your game developed with Unity, but might give insights why things are done in a certain way.

Talk starts with short overview of GPU architectures, then delves into a series of cross-platform problems (usually they are not what you think), discusses some don’ts and dos for mobiles, our optimization techniques, cross-platform shader approach and ends with short overview of automated graphics testing on mobiles.

Slides: Unity: iOS and Android: cross platform challenges and solutions (8.5MB pdf)

There was one interesting thing at SIGGRAPH Mobile, when asked how many people are familiar with Mobiles and are developing for those platforms – almost 90% of audience raised their hands – and that is at predominantly academic, film-production and high-end CG conference! But what surprised me even more, was choice of platform they’re developing for: around 10-15% raised hands for iOS and probably 80% raised for Android!


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I have read several excellent stuff here. Definitely value bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how much effort you place to make such a excellent informative site.

In addition to my comment, i would also like to point out that to publish on google play you still have to pay them. Less then apple ? Yes. But does google gives you all the stuff apple gives you ?

Better development tools ? Better publish platform ? Better revenues ? No!

My (FREE) game had over 12k downloads on app store, and a little over 800 on android market. Does that tells you something ?

I had over 34 different devices installs, all using different screen resolutions and hardware, some were so bad that they could not even run a simple game, yet i got bad rating because the guy didn’t managed to install my game on his “excellent” android device…

80% choice of platform ANDROID? are you sure they are in the industry ? with experience in development ? no one with experience believes android hardware/software is better to develop then apple hardware.

im working in games, and most of my experience is that android hardware are so bad that the most used android devices compete with ipad 1 or iphone 3gs for rendering till today!

guess they want develop chess games… or suffer optimizing their game to run on a million different android hardware and screens…

the reality is: android made game development a NIGHTMARE to those who actually develop games for a living.

I’m still surprised people think piracy equals lost revenue! Do some research yourself and open your eyes, it’s another aspect to design around (I’m not talking DRM). Industries evolve, be on the forefront and win I say!

Hell most iPhone games have shown piracy rates as high as 80% (more than android with some games), which is a nice headline to make and get attention from those that don’t understand statistics. The boring reality is that the percentage of jailbroken devices out there is estimated at 10% with around 40% of those using it for pirating apps, not such a catchy number now… Best to stick to that sensational 90% piracy rate and declare we lost millions!

PS. I’m an indie developer who works full time from home, so my income is from my games and apps. Just saying, understanding piracy is part of my job.

freedom of choice?
beyond the devastating piracy and the hell that is having to deal with several different screens, someone needs to tell for these 80% that OPEN PLATFORM is good “only for” manufactures,for those who sells android game engines for these 80% and for those who want to buy a cheap device and not for game developers!

@an observer

Conditioned by corporate propoganda??
I sorry to say, you are the one being misled. PIRACY IS A REALITY ON ANDROID.

Go read what Madfinger games said about this (the developer of Dead Trigger) :

“…….MadFinger Games announced that it would be making its zombie-based FPS shooter free to download due to massive amounts of piracy on Android……”

Congrats, you have been successfully conditioned by the corporate interests to stereotype everyone who uses open platforms and loves freedom of choice by that last statement about piracy.

I’m also grad Unity is putting all their powerhouse flaying ninjas on Unity Mobile platforms as the rest doesn’t really needs any attention (besides optimizations)!

I’m glad Unity takes care of all this complicated hardware driver nightmare stuff. Thanks Unity!

At first the 90% does sound surprising but then you realize that anybody with an android phone can write code on it whereas IOS requires a mac and a $99 developer account. For a group that is predominantly academic or in film-production, the numbers make sense.

Very interesting stuff, like last time ;)

As for the interesting thing: Did you also ask them how many of them are trying to commercialize their effort WITHOUT publisher backup? Cause if it was like 100% of the android devs then they will likely stop developing for the platform more sooner than later after barely selling enough to even pay the advertising, at least if Google doesn’t change its Google Play Ranking & Exposure strategy significantly (they should stop cloning Apple as long as they are constantly 12 – 18 months behind and don’t learn from Apples errors, seriously)

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