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Hei! Hello – my name is Petri Nordlund and I’m pleased to announce that Unity has opened a grand new office in Finland. We are located in the new blue building in Keilaranta – the Keilaranta 1. This is a great location – the startup capital of the world and the home of 120+ game companies, we are very happy to be here.

We are currently building a skilled team – there are already six developers working in Finland for Unity, focusing on graphics and rendering related development and optimization for all Unity-supported platforms, including desktop, iOS and Android. We have a number of open positions for the top talent – graphics, Android, iOS and Windows developers – we would love to hear from you.

To celebrate the opening of the new studio in Finland, we’ll be organizing a housewarming party next week!

Want to Join our Ranks?

If you’ve got questions about life at Unity or about specific job opportunities, chat with our ace recruiting team on Skype: unity_careers. If you would like to apply for a specific position, please click on the link to apply.

5 replies on “A New Unity Office in Finland!”

Hi, I am an interior architect live and work in Finland for some time. I have been using and self learning unity pro about half year. I am quite exciting that you are opening office in Finland now. I wonder if i could visit your office and at same time to find out any training program available from your office, or anything interesting that i could learn? :)

Hi, Nice office! We did a game the other day you might enjoy between the sauna breaks. You can download it here: Scroll down a little bit. Use arrow keys and space.
Make sure to water the flower, put out the fire in the oven, answer the warcraft raid in the computer and when your friends come to visit for a late night after-party, make sure to fool them by pretending to sleep =) Have a nice day!

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